How to Properly Wear Your Flip-Flops

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How to Properly Wear Your Flip-Flops

Flip flops go way back. If you flip about a history book, you would see the popular summer footwear in some of the earliest hieroglyphic paintings. In the US, custom flip flop prominence rose when American troops brought them back after a victorious campaign in Japan during the second world war. When you think of people of high stature that wears them and shows them proudly to the world, none other than the Dalai Lama comes to mind. And right now, people from all ages and backgrounds consider the flip flop as the footwear to be had for a relaxing summer stroll in the sand.

But healthwise, there might be some precautions that you have to consider before making it your everyday footwear.

Though probably everyone agrees that going barefoot is far worse than wearing flip flops, there are some drawbacks that you have to be wary of. This is the main point stressed by medical professionals when they talk about flip flops. Doctors find the support and the protection given by flip flops to be lacking compared to the shoe, or sandal. They point out that several problems can arise by mindlessly wearing flip flops all day, every day.

Do not worry, however, as you will not have to say goodbye to your favorite footwear to wear on a sandy beach. There are several ways by which you can improve your flip flop wearing days.

Go for leather as much as possible.

Go for leather as much as possible.

Rubber custom flip flops are notorious for giving blisters to your feet. This is because the rubber in the shoe can sometimes “stick” on your skin and when rubbing them, it might feel like you are scraping the skin off from your foot. When you choose leather, however, which is less sticky than rubber, this will not be an issue.

However, leather flip flops, as compared to rubber flip flops are more expensive and has other problems of its own. For instance, one of the reasons why people wear flip flops is to accommodate a more than typical level of moisture on the surface you are walking on. When faced with this, leather flip flops will absorb the moisture and could later cause the breaking down of the material the flip flop was made off. This is different from rubber flip flops because the moisture will slide right of.

On the other hand, as an irritant, the rubber on flip flops can cause medical conditions unknown to you.

Try bending them from end to end.

Make sure that your flip flops will not be able to bend when the center point is right beneath the ball of your foot. If you are able to do so, that means your flip flops are too flimsy and could seriously injure you in the long run. Sometimes, manufacturers like this flexibility in their flip flop so that they will not break when bent. This, however, is not as important as the health of your foot. If you tried bending it, and it won’t budge and seem like it is going to snap in half them you know that you have on a good pair of flip flops.

Your flip flop should be a perfect fit.

There are reasons why people prefer flip flops that dangle. Meaning there is extra material on the sides, the front or at the back. The reason for this is because you want to save your feet from the elements like moisture, mud, and sand. This, however, will cause your body to walk in an unnatural fashion so that the dangling part of your flip flop will not cause you to stumble.

Flip flops are meant to be worn when you do not mind getting dirty, anyway. If you wanted to successfully prevent anything dirty from getting in between your toes, you should have chosen to wear boots instead.

Only wear sturdy flip flops.

Only wear sturdy flip flops.

This is the flip flop quality meets flip flop wearer’s health. When your flip flops are sturdy, you can this means your flip flops are both high quality and will not interfere with your walking movement.

Do not wear flip flops if you have to walk far.

Despite all the possible precautions you can take regarding flip flop use in concern to health. You should still always limit your flip flop usage. At a certain distance, your walk will turn awkward and can cause problems to your feet.

Wear custom flip flops.

When choosing what pair of the flip flop to wear, it might actually be a good idea to have one made especially for you. As discussed earlier, it is preferable to have a pair of flip flops that fit you like a glove. This will make sure that there will be no gaps between your foot and the sole of your flip flops when you start walking.

Another benefit of choosing custom flip flops is the ability to design them to your want. For instance, sports team themed flip flops are all the rave right now. You can also add things like ribbons or patterned protrusions to further personalize your flip flops.

Wear lighter colored flip flops.

When you are strolling the beach with your flip flops while wearing sunblock, you can sometimes neglect your feet. Rarely do people apply sunblock on their feet even if it was totally exposed like when you are wearing flip flops?

Wearing lighter colored flip flops can help reduce the effect of harmful sunlight on your skin by reflecting at least a portion of it back.

If it breaks, leave it.

Sometimes, people will try to salvage a pair of flip flops when one of the three rubbers that hold it together breaks. They do this by casually dragging the one foot while the other foot does all the work. This is dangerous because your toes will be exerting extra effort just to drag your flip flop while the other foot will do all the work which may injure your hip.

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