How Technology Has Influenced the Gaming Industry

August 27th, 2020 by

How Technology Has Influenced the Gaming Industry

The gaming sector has had a massive evolution in the last decade or two. From igaming casinos, such as 22bet, to video gaming, technology has transformed almost every aspect.

The gaming industry today seems like a world away from what it used to be. Fortunately, Jacek Michałski is here to help us understand how technology and video games have fused and progressed. He’s an avid gamer with years of experience; there’s no one better to give us a lesson.

10 Ways That Technology Has Changed Gaming

New gaming technology is always under development. Whenever there’s progress in the technological industry, the rest of the world follows, including the gaming sector. Here, you’ll find the most influential ways that it’s shaped the way we play and game.

1. Online Gaming

Gone are the days when you need a console to play top quality gaming titles. Instead of purchasing a piece of hardware such as a PlayStation or Xbox, most games are accessible on a web browser. Additionally, the quality and mechanics are similar, so there’s no need to stress about playing on a lower standard.

2. Mobile Gaming

According to research, more than half the total gaming revenue in recent years comes from mobile platforms. App stores on mobile devices host thousands or games, meaning there’s a world waiting in the palm of your hands. Essentially, your mobile or tablet has become pocket-sized consoles.

3. Interactivity

Many are under the impression that online gaming has created a world of unsocial or socially awkward people. However, this isn’t true. The communities that form, regardless of the games, are massive. Players form lifelong friendships with others that live all across the globe.

4. Graphics

One of the most impressive aspects that have significantly improved video games is the graphics. Comparing titles from just a few years ago to now is astounding. The hyperrealistic visuals are a world away from the jagged and pixillated ones of the past.

5. Payments

Payments are infinitely more secure, particularly in mobile gaming. In-app purchases ensure that the developers are paid, but protects the user from releasing personal and banking details. All transactions go through your app store account, which is protected.

6. Cost-Effective

In the past, game titles had hefty price tags. Today, the gaming industry uses the power of the internet and app stores to market and sell their latest releases. Services such as Steam regularly run sales and specials, where players can purchase games for just a few dollars.

App stores are excellent too. The vast majority of available games and apps are free to download. If you want to access special features, then you’ll make in-app purchases.

7. Gambling

One of the biggest industries that had a significant boost when technology brought the internet was the gambling industry. Instead of gamblers attending events or visiting a bookie, they can keep updated and place wagers from the comfort of their home.

Furthermore, casino players can enjoy every aspect of visiting Vegas without leaving their houses. Online operators usually hold an extensive catalog of slots, table games, and live dealers. These products ensure you have access to the full experience 24/7 without visiting a land-based casino.

8. Augmented Reality

The world went crazy in 2016 with the release of Niantic’s Pokémon Go. The augmented reality game wasn’t the first of its kind, and it certainly won’t be the last. It opens the door to imagination and the possibilities of what we can expect in the future.

9. VR Gaming

Naturally, we can’t mention advancements in technology and video games without adding VR to the list. The somewhat chunky headset may be annoying, but it allows you to immerse yourself fully in the gaming environment.

10. Motion Control

It took a while to get right, but motion control games on the Nintendo Wii are very entertaining. Using your body and hand gestures to play opens the doors on what lays next. We could be looking at the future of gaming and even other industries. The next big step would be combing motion control with VR or augmented reality.


The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, with most of the credit going towards technological advancements. The improvements over the last decade have been extraordinary, and the future of the gaming sector is promising.