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You have probably experienced it before… you’re winding down in the evening, streaming your favorite series, when all of a sudden it starts buffering. That annoying spinning circle, or three blinking dots, can be one of the most frustrating things to see while relaxing. Or worse, you are on an important business video call with a client when the connection switches off, showing you an internet error.

Problems with an internet connection can be hair-pulling in terms of frustration, and they may cost your business some big bucks. Figuring out the problem can be tricky if you don’t have enough experience with issues like this.

Don’t fret though, with some basic troubleshooting, you can get to the bottom of the problem in no time at all. Solving these problems can be as easy as getting the right home internet deal. Below are some frequently seen reasons why your internet is not working:

  1. Computer not connected to the WiFi

WiFi can be tricky at best of times, and it has a way of playing hide and seek with devices. Your internet connectivity issue could be a problem with the router or MiFi or quite possibly a problem with your smartphone or computer. Sometimes, a bug on the network drivers installed on your operating system can cause intermittent WiFi connection. If you find this problem, then updating your network drivers from the device manager may be the best option.

  1. Wrong network or internet settings

Having poorly configured network settings is a common cause of internet connectivity issues. Most times, when you purchase a new device or MiFi, the configurations are automatically sent to you by the network provider, or they may come pre-installed on your device. When we need to switch to other networks for better deals, these settings can get mixed up, at which point you would need new internet settings from the service provider. For devices like routers, MiFis, and smartphones, the APN is the most important value. Your internet connection may be faulty if you get this wrong.

  1. DNS is not working

The Domain Name System is the central component of how the internet works. It mostly slaves away in the background, out of your sight, so you may not know about its existence. Your computer automatically picks up your Domain Name System from your internet service provider when you connect to a router. Sometimes, this system can go faulty without our knowledge, failing to translate domain names into IP addresses. Because of this, your browser would not know where to find the content you are looking for on the internet, making it appear as if your internet is not working.

Sometimes, the problem may be as simple as you running out of data. If you feel you are spending too much on your data, finding the right home internet deal may be your best option.

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