Why Data is Important for Increasing Sales and Traffic for E Commerce Success?

October 25th, 2019 by

Why Data is Important for Increasing Sales and Traffic for E Commerce Success?

The growth of online sales channels entails a series of adaptations to be taken into account in the planning and management of any commercial activity.  E commerce marketing agency concept itself is not limited to the strict relationship established with both suppliers and customers in the context of the distribution of goods and services. It also covers other aspects that accompany the purchase or sale of goods and services such as advertising and catalogue design or the implementation of payment gateways and systems management orders.

Therefore, whether it is the explanation of a specific commercial policy in its own sense or the establishment of a complete digital marketing strategy carried out in the electronic context. It is necessary to consider the normative dimension of this rate. In our country, the regulation of electronic commerce revolves around two legislative axes of mandatory reference. Thus, we find the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI), and on the other, with the Law of Protection of Personal Data (also known by its acronym LOPD).

Importance of data

 It means of the regulation of the legal aspects of the denominated “society of the information”.  Mainly, it contains the rules applicable to contracting electronically (form, validity and effectiveness of the contracts concluded in this way, both with consumers and with other businessmen), and along with it.  Provisions related to the provision of information are collected through said means, the making of a temporary copy of the pages of Internet requested by users or applications provided by others. The provision of search tools or links to other Internet sites, as well as any other service provided at the individual request of the users. Users (digital content download), provided it represents an economic activity for the provider. These services can be offered by the various subjects that interact by electronic means: from telecommunications operators to portals, search engines, any other subject that has a website on the Internet through which they perform any of the activities indicated, including electronic commerce. 

Data must be taken into account by entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs. Having an online business is a very efficient way to reach the final consumer. While it is true that many people prefer to go to a physical store to buy, several of them have been informed about the items online before visiting the store.

In summary, this law seeks to clarify the applicable regulatory framework, safeguarding the legitimate interests of consumers in the network.  In order word to generate desirable trust among the agents involved and in that way, promotes the use of the digital medium.

For its part, the second legal text mentioned has the vocation of guaranteeing the sphere of privacy of all citizens. It includes the provisions applicable to the processing of personal data by those responsible for them. More specially, certain rights of citizens are protected in the collection and final transfer of all information related to identify or identifiable persons.  

With this global vision of the main national standards and their respective fields of application, the overlap that occurs when dealing with electronic commerce is very easily observed. The legislation governing electronic contracting essentially implies the establishment of the rules of conduct of economic operators in the digital market. It is a series of obligations and responsibilities to be fulfilled by these subjects who carry out their economic activity. Its most visible sign is reflected in the wording of the famous “Legal Notices” and the “Conditions and Terms of Use”. In these cases, these are information provision obligations to the potential consumers of the goods and services offered by the entrepreneur.  Which means the identification of the person that develops the economic activity on their own is communicated to the simplification of the users. In the same way, those general contracting conditions that will add their business relationships are disclosed. It’s an essential part of these notices is related to the explanation of the Privacy Policy.