Which Brazilian virgin hair type is the best for you?

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Which Brazilian virgin hair type is the best for you?

When someone says “the best human hair bundles,” we cannot help but think about Brazilian hair. You must have come across tons of blogs, and magazine features on why Brazilian hair is the most popular among all hair weaves and wigs in the market. However, rarely do these articles mention the different types of Brazilian hair that you can find today. It refers to a particular hair type, but the texture, density, and styles can vary considerably. Do you know which texture you like the most? Are you sure that curly Brazilian hair will suit your face and features more than straight hair weaves?

What are the different types of Brazilian hair?

No matter what style or texture you want, Brazilian hair is the ultimate choice for you. It is strong, thick and durable. Additionally, it is amicable to styling, coloring, and treatments. Here’s a brief list of Brazilian hair types you should explore before investing –

Brazilian deep curly hair

Although superbly kinky, this type of Brazilian hair is soft to the touch, and it does not tangle easily. It can help you tackle tangling and hair loss problems most women with super curly hair face. Virgin Brazilian deep curly hair is the best since it hasn’t undergone chemical treatments or coloring. It offers incredible durability and softness that no other hair type can provide.

Brazilian curly hair

Curly hair is so in fashion right now. Tight curls, lost curls, kinky and coiled hair are popular across the globe among men and women alike. Brazilian hair is naturally durable and resistant to tangling. Among all curly hair types, Brazilian hair is the best. It can blend in with many hair types including silky, superfine or unruly curls. If you are looking for extensions, you should talk to your stylist so he or she can relax or perm your hair to match it to the Brazilian curly extension you have.

Brazilian body wave

A body wave is the red-carpet trend of the year. It blends perfectly with naturally wavy hair. Adding Brazilian body-wave extensions can boost your natural volume and length, without any difficulty. Excellent care and cleaning habits can make these extensions last longer than 12-months.

Brazilian straight hair

Interestingly, Brazilian straight hair is not entirely straight. If you look at each strand closely, you will see soft waves that add a unique flowy and luxurious quality to the hair. It does not fall flat like other straightened hair types. With Brazilian hair, you don’t have to worry about frizz or a flat fall that usually come with straight hair weaves.

Brazilian human hair extensions and weaves make sporting long healthy hair possible for every woman out there. If you have thinning hair or naturally uncombable hair, you can go with Brazilian wigs for flaunting a professional and stylish look every day. Hair extensions and weaves have become accessories that enhance one’s style quotient with minimal effort and time. Choose Brazilian virgin hair extensions, weaves or wigs for natural, bouncy and healthy hair that commands awe.

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