Wheelchairs And The Long List Of Options That Users Have

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Wheelchairs And The Long List Of Options That Users Have

The wheelchair is a highly revolutionary discovery made to ensure that those having restricted mobility will not have to be confined but feel liberated with its wheels. It is a wheelchair that will offer people access to shopping or work or other travels outside to help them continue with their active lifestyle. In the case of a sports enthusiast, it will help them to participate in different sports activities such as tennis, basketball, races amid others. To satisfy the various needs, that rule of one-size-fits-all will not apply. No wonder wheelchair manufacturers these days are coming up with different models. These wheelchairs are durable, comfortable and above all affordable.

Broad Classification

The disability assistive equipment is broadly classified into manual and power wheelchairs.

  • Manual- This is a type that the user needs to move by him or her without any help of batteries. It is portable, lightweight, easy to maintain and affordable.
  • Power- This is a variety that runs with batteries and is ideal for those who are not capable of pushing the chair with their arm strength. It is faster but expensive and more cumbersome compared to the manual model and is ideal for part-time use.

Different Types

  • Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair- These are lightweight and thus are immensely portable as it is easy to fold as well as store. Its frame can easily be folded to store in small places too like a car trunk.
  • Ergonomic- This is an ultra-lightweight variety but has a couple of user-customization choices that will cater to the requirement as per the user’s body measurements.
  • Standing- Those who are looking for health benefits like a better bladder, kidney functioning and blood circulation along with toned muscles can choose standing wheelchairs. Made with cutting edge technology, it operates through batteries. This wheelchair comes with the stand-up mode that will enable the user to drive it in the standing position. It comes with a joystick that is easy to access that helps in keeping the speed and movement of the wheelchair in control.
  • Special Chairs- Those who need both comfort and luxury can go with special chairs, and these come in two varieties. Along with comfort, they have been designed for distributing full back pressure thereby making it an ideal pick for those that need better sitting tolerance as well as skin sores prevention. The first type is the Tilt in Space variety that will help in changing the user orientation and at the same time maintain fixed ankle angles, knee, and hip. The entire seat in the wheelchair will tilt. On the other hand, the next type is the Recliner Wheelchair that will help in changing the seat to back angle and flatten out the chair’s back at times raising the legs for creating the flat surface. It is ideal for elevating leg rests.
  • Active Wheelchairs- People who take pleasure in sport-tuned agilities can opt for Active Wheelchairs. It is aerodynamic and lightweight so easy to move.
  • Companion/Transport Wheelchair- It is company propelled which means the caregiver will push the user. It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Airplane/Travel Wheelchair- It is ultra-compact and comes with quick release wheels that gets engaged as well as disengaged for travel needs.

With so much of variety in hand choose wisely as per your needs and budget.

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