WhatsApp API Integration for Improved Customer Relations

September 6th, 2019 by

WhatsApp API Integration for Improved Customer Relations

Do you know what has 1.5 billion users around the world? And, there are millions of people joining the app every day to stay in touch with their loved ones. WhatsApp is one of the most favorite apps available in the market. Can business enterprises take advantage of this app to promote their business? Can businesses use the app to stay connected with their customers and find new users? Will the app help enterprises expand their customer base and market share? 

The answer to all the above questions is, yes. WhatsApp can be used as a communication and promotional tool by business enterprises. For small scale businesses, the regular WhatsApp would serve the purpose. 

Medium and large scale enterprises can use the latest WhatsApp Business app to send messages to users. The app was released in selected markets recently. It is free to download, though enterprises will have to pay for messages sent using templates. 

The app can be used from a web application and a mobile phone. This makes it easy for enterprises to keep track of their conversation with various customers. Enterprises can take the assistance of companies that provide the WhatsApp API integration services to connect their systems to WhatsApp. The API integration provides them a platform where they can send and receive messages at any time, irrespective of the location of the users. 

Here is how WhatsApp can help business enterprises in improving their customer relations and increasing sales. 

  • Notifications
    • Sending timely notifications to users about their orders is a good way to keep them updated. 
    • Messages about orders booked, shipped, delivered, returned, canceled, etc. can be sent using WhatsApp instead of SMS. 
    • The notifications are also known as informational messages and are sent using a pre-approved template
    • The process is easy and simple. The API platform handles the template conversion and sends the messages to users. 
  • Marketing 
    • Promoting the business has a few restrictions, but still, WhatsApp is a great channel to promote a product or service.
    • The rich, interactive messaging app allows data to be sent in the form of a text, image, video, or a document. 
    • Sending images of a product will attract the user’s attention and prompt a message from them. 
    • WhatsApp API Integration provides enterprises with great opportunities to convert the conversation into transactions.
    • Links to the purchase website can be includlong with the text to facilitate easy buying.
    • Enterprises can also confirm transaction directly from within the chatbox without using any links. 
    • Customers can be grouped based on product preferences and labels can be used to identify the groups. 
    • Messages can be sent in bulk to users about new products and services. 
    • Promotions, deals, discounts, exclusive offers, limited period coupon codes, etc. can be shared through the chatbox with individual users. 
  • Customer Support 
    • The two-way communication allows customers to ask questions, lodge complaints, and interact with the support staff with ease. 
    • The query or complaint can include an image or a video that will help identify the problem area directly. 
    • Issues can be resolved sooner, thereby ensuring customers that they are valued by the enterprise. 
    • The support staff can switch to live chat, schedule service sessions, hand over the lead to sales representatives to close the deal, etc. 
  • Chatbots
    • The chatbot is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software or a program that communicates with users as a human does. 
    • Bots are used for smart messaging where automated replies are sent to users for generic questions. 
    • The bots are a part of the support staff and help the team manage the conversations.
  • Data Security and Reliability
    • WhatsApp provides end to end encryption to keep private messages secure at all times. 
    • The companies provide additional security in compliance with government regulations. 
    • The platform is reliable and guarantees 99.9% uptime. 
    • Companies provide 24*7 technical support to ensure that the cloud platform is always functioning without any errors. 

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