What to Wear on a First Date?

September 6th, 2019 by

What to Wear on a First Date?

First dates are always nerve-wracking. First impressions are important, and how one dresses on the first date leaves a lasting image on the date. So, it’s essential to choose a suitable outfit on your first date. But what constitutes a good outfit is much more complicated than most people think.

 Choosing the right outfit is tricky, whether you’re a single South African BBW or a skinny British gal. Luckily, some outfits are not only a safe option, but also look stunning. If you want to look the absolute best, then keep on reading. We’ve listed down the best outfits you can wear on a first date below.

What to Wear as a Single BBW Indian?

As a plus-sized woman, it’s harder to decide what to wear on a first date. Some fashion brands refuse to stock plus size clothing, which limits options. The bigger problem is the self-consciousness that plus-sized women feel. This lack of confidence makes it more challenging to pick a comfortable outfit. 

Luckily, many options suit BBW Indians. If you’re worried about pairing clothes with a tan complexion, choose colors that complement the Indian skin tone. We’d advise wearing reds, tan colors, and blacks. Stick to the outfits that make you feel the best, and everything will be fine!

First Date Outfit Ideas  

We’ve listed down some great first date outfit ideas that you can wear no matter what the appearance. All you need to rock these outfits is a huge dose of self-confidence!

A Blouse and Jeans 

If you want a relaxed but chic vibe, this is a great first date outfit to go for. Pair a dressy shirt with a nice pair of jeans and some heels. Opt for a velvet or silk blouse that’ll add a touch of elegance to an otherwise casual look. You can pair up the outfit with a statement handbag to tie it all together. 

Printed Skirt and a T-Shirt

When deciding on an outfit, try to keep one item printed and one item plain. This outfit does precisely that. Choose a printed skirt, with a bold eye-capturing design, and pair it with a shirt of a complementary color. Since this outfit gives a casual vibe, pair it with flat shoes.

Casual T-Shirt and Leather Pants

If you want to show off a bit of your edgy side, this is a good outfit idea. Pair off some cute leather pants (skinny or not, your choice!) with a t-shirt that shows your personality. Your favorite band’s t-shirt or a pop culture reference are both excellent ideas.

Wrap Dress and Sneakers

A dress and sneakers are a classic look. A wrap dress is tight around the upper waist area, which will accentuate your figure. There’s no denying that a wrap dress will have your date’s head-turning. Wear the dress with some white sneakers, and you’ll have a cool, laid-back outfit.

Double Denim Outfit 

A double denim outfit is always a safe choice for a first date because you can dress it up or down according to your style. This outfit consists of denim jeans paired with a denim jacket. If you want to be casual, wear a t-shirt and sneakers. But if you’re going for a more formal look, wear a nice pair of heels or some colors that stand out.

A Playful Suit 

A great outfit idea for a first date is a nice suit as well. Wear a casual blazer with matching high-waisted pants. Don’t think of a suit you’d wear to work, but a playful suit you’d see on the streets of Paris. 

Shorts and a Cami 

This outfit is a great outfit idea for those dates in the summer heat. Pair a nice pair of denim shorts with a tank top or a silk cami. This way, you can show off more skin and keep cool as well. Pair this outfit with statement sunglasses and bold shoes to get an unforgettable look. 

We understand that first dates can be anxiety-inducing. Knowing what to wear can take a lot of stress away. So, use these ideas and find an outfit you’re comfortable with!