What Is The Role Of A Calming Blanket In Controlling ADHD Restlessness?

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What Is The Role Of A Calming Blanket In Controlling ADHD Restlessness?

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a problem seen among many kids and adults. The problem has many symptoms. But the main symptom is lack of focus on work for much time, a lot of restlessness and activity, and hence associated problems like anxiety or lack of sleep with it too.

Patients with ADHD often have a difficult time staying calm and quiet at a place, concentrate, lie down in one position and sleep peacefully. They often are too restless, and cannot control this easily. That is why such patients have a tough time sleeping restfully. There are medications and therapies to get over ADHD symptoms and keep nerves calm and soothed. And then there are some natural ways too to keep the symptoms under control.

The more you can keep the patient sorted with natural methods, the better it is always. Thus the use of weighted blankets in ADHD symptom control as a calming tool has been growing in popularity. People are getting more aware about weighted blankets more for the amazing response in the body from the use of the blanket.

Deep touch pressure stimulation

Deep touch pressure stimulation is the name of the therapy which you get through weighted blankets. The therapy about touching the skin with the blanket is such that the pressure overall reaches deep, and the feel of the blanket with its weight all over the body is heavy and deep. This deep pressure has a tranquilizing effect. The body feels relaxed, and this feeling of peace and relaxation reaches the mind too.

That is how the body gets calm, the mind gets calm too with it, and an overall feeling of rest, calm and soothed wellbeing and peace entangles the mind to help it sleep faster. Anxiety and stress wards off while a feeling of being warmly and snugly getting hugged is felt all over, making the body doze off quickly to sleep. And this kind of therapy helps in ADHD too. The symptoms of ADHD get much under control with a weighted blanket. These blankets help ADHD patients sleep better in a more restful way, which helps them wake up fresh with a better mood.

What are weighted blankets made of?

Weighted blankets are made from a soft and gentle long lasting fabric like bamboo fabric. Bamboo is much softer and safer and hypoallergenic than cotton. The blanket cover sheet is made from bamboo fabric, while the pockets all over are made by sewing all over the blanket. Every pocket gets filled with a handful of small glass beads.

These beads are great insulators and help the body stay warm in a cold climate and vice versa. Besides, the glass beads do not make any noise, and hence the blanket does not make any ruffling noise as the user moves during sleep. You may know more about the product by going through calming blanket review before buying.


ADHD symptoms can be kept much under control by helping the patient have a better sleep. And a weighted blanket helps calm down the body and senses in a great way.

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