Microblading – What Makes It Popular Beauty Trend

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Microblading – What Makes It Popular Beauty Trend

Microblading: Whether the eyebrows are fluffy or microblading, the grooming has always been popular over the years.

According to a beauty expert, some people like to flaunt with a dramatic look as observed in the Middle East.

Moreover, people may prefer a fluid look in regions across America.

As per market research conducted by NPD, women living in Britain spend around 200 pounds every year just on eyebrow microblading.

With the trend gaining popularity, a mascara-type wand and a pencil make it for a semi-permanent form of makeup.

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As technology evolves, women are now thinking about microblading eyebrows which is nothing but a kind of tattooing with tiny strokes of ink added to the brows.

microblading definition

Way back in the year 2014, Peaches Monroee became famous with the phrase ‘eyebrows on fleek.’

You may come across many YouTube videos that elaborate on the art.

In 2016, ladies started exuding style as it was ages back. The eyebrows of Cara Delevingne indeed signify the decade in which we are pacing ahead.

The brow typically extends to the hairline and the nose and is much darker than the hair.

They might be larger than the usual size, but the way these were embraced surely speaks about natural eyebrows.

The Duchess of Cambridge could also be considered a part of the microblading revolution and for a scouse brow.

Brows have always been stylish right from the reign of Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn’s thick eyebrows.

In the 70s, Marie Helvin was known for her glossy eyebrows and Brooke Shields for her bushy brows.

Sophie Ellis-Bexto preferred to have trendy brows with clean and clear skin.

Over a period, everyone started caring of their eyebrows. The lady may not put on makeup, but she would religiously get the brows done month after month.

At a salon, Nails & Brows, the appointments are fixed well in advance. Beautiful eyebrows would soon be popping out from the glasses.

Eventually, the eyebrows appear smart, and even more natural.

A Browhaus, someone consulted the expert just for brow transformation and semi-permanent form of makeup.

As the professional used the pencil skilfully, the brows were well defined and would appear magnificent beyond anyone’s expectations.

If the trend of microblading eyebrows were something similar to that of Delevingue, the beauty would be beyond Caucasian and blonde.

Heavy brows have always been a tradition in the communities living in Asia and the Middle East.

what is eyebrow microblading

Having shaped eyebrows was considered something great in the culture.

The lady, Vaishaly Patel earned recognition to make threading popular in the UK. In the therapists working at the brow bars are either Nepalese or Indian.

Age is also a factor that needs to be considered for brow grooming. While young girls are warned not to pluck the eyebrows, there’s a lot of debate on whether teenagers should opt for Brazilian waxes.

In 2005, Ariel Levy wrote down her observations in a book, Female Chauvinist Pigs.

She stated that grooming was not considered as a hobby. Instead, it was taken as a trend to earn the attention of men and as some Sisyphean duty.

Ten years later, the grooming levels became essential when social media became popular.

There was no other option for women other than looking groomed at every instance.

A researcher at Cardiff University who writes about social media believes that eyebrows enhance the beauty of the selfie.

Undoubtedly, the profile of the selfie and brows have grown at the same time.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Delevingn boast a unique style with the brows, while Anderson connects the style to Dietrich’s day.

If the art didn’t beautify the eyebrows, then the images wouldn’t look vibrant.

Finally, women are aware of the way they are perceived. Eyebrows are about self-definition and power.

permanent eyebrows

Most women are the talk of the town especially when a topic is discussed around the bar tables.

People who have no interest in fashion are engaged in making the brows look attractive.

False eyelashes and lip fillers, as observed on the Kardashians, may not be for everyone.

But, even then, everyone set the trend through the eyebrows.

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