5 Benefits of Cooling Weighted Blankets

March 22nd, 2020 by

5 Benefits of Cooling Weighted Blankets

What is a weighted blanket? It’s a good question, especially as more people are using them and discovering the benefits. A weighted blanket is, to keep it simple, a blanket that – like a duvet – is filled, except in this case the filling is in the form of plastic pellets or discs, or sometimes other materials such as glass. Who uses them? They are used by people who have trouble sleeping, and they come highly recommended. Here are five benefits of cooling weighted blankets for you to think about.

1: Cooler Bed

The weighted blanket will effectively form a cocoon around you when you sleep, as the weight – although not heavy – helps it to press down on you. This will automatically make you cooler in bed, and you won’t wake up sweating as you may with regular blankets.

2: Stress Relief

One of the biggest causes of poor sleeping is stress. Stress is something that many of us suffer from – it’s a natural reaction by the body after all – and when it interrupts sleep, it can have a great effect on overall health. Because the weighted blanket presses down lightly on you, it emulates a known therapy called Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), or Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). This is used as a relaxation technique for people who are highly stressed and anxious, and others with certain conditions. All weighted blankets for adults will exert this effect, and the result is more relaxed sleep.

3: Helps With Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is a common complaint that is usually exaggerated in sufferers when they sleep. It manifests as strange sensations in the legs that cause the patient to constantly need to move them, which does not help when trying to sleep. A weighted blanket will help alleviate this problem by way of its DTP properties, providing you with better sleep all-round.

4: Elderly Patients

For the elderly, the comfort provided by a weighted blanket can mean the difference between a good healthy night’s sleep, and ongoing insomnia. It’s the comforting element again – this being the main benefit of a weighted blanket – and when there are aches and pains to deal with, the weight helps relax the person so they can sleep in greater comfort.

5: Helps with ADHD

Because the weighted blanket helps reduce stress and anxiety, it is useful for ADHD sufferers who may experience restlessness and lack of focus, both of which are inhibitors to decent sleep. This is the DTP process again, and it is effected by the blanket recreating the benefits of a hug, something that even adults find healthy.

The major benefit of a cooling weighted blanket can clearly be seen in all the above – the effect of recreating the DTP therapy, which is proven, tried and tested. Weighted blankets are a great choice – and an inexpensive one – of you suffer from poor sleep, so why not check them out further and give one a go? It could be a purchase that changes your life for the better.