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Weight-loss Write for us – Inkbeau

Write For Us

Do you feel like contributing to our fastest-growing association?

Weight Loss Write For Us

Dietitians, yoga trainers, Zumba dancers, health and fitness experts, gym trainers, food bloggers & weight controlling freaks, all are called for weight loss + “write for us” + Guest post. Guys, contribute your research-backed up articles and stories on Inkbeau.

                     ” Weight-loss Write For us only on Inkbeau

Our Target

To begin with, our concern is to show only real and trustable ideas to our readers and audiences. We mainly share dieting and genuine fitness weight-loss + “write for us”+guest post and health tips for people eager to control and lose weight. Our writers divulge all secret weight loss tricks “write for us” at Inkbeau.com.

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Ready to weight-loss “write for us”

Everyone knows developing a person’s health practically begins with dietary adjustments. This is the absolute time when our soul, mind, and body, all together work in harmony. If you are waiting for a proper website where you can express your diet planned charts, healthy- cooking recipes, meal plan, personal weight loss “write for us” tales, or any story of life-achievement with our viewers, then you are anytime embraced to our weight-loss write for us section.

Particularly, work on subjects like nutrition, sports, diet, fitness,weight-loss, and healthy food recipes. The more insights are shown bigger on this Inkbeau, the better for the website.

“Come and Share your Experiences with our followers”

Weight Loss Tips Write For Us

Notably, we will be appreciative if any dietitians or professional of various types of diets, want to share their expertise and experience to encourage others.

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We are open 24*7 to accept weight loss + “write for us”+guest post from experienced writers and freshers. That is to say, bloggers related to Health and Food who like studying our expert dieting suggestions and want to expose their practical information on our Food, Health & Wellness, and Lifestyle Blog, are ever welcome to spread weight-loss tips write for us and uplift our visitors to decrease weight in the most natural way possible.

                      “Lighten up! Live your life “

Write For Us

Become our Blogger, a contributor! weight-loss + “write for us”+guest post

The first thing to remember, we are looking for fine, effortless, and persuasive writers. We are searching for authors who are adept to write well-validated articles. Your works should not have been ‘copied’ or have earlier been posted on any other or your personal blog. By all means, it must be of use to the audiences.

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Guidelines: weight-loss + “write for us”+guest post

However, we have a few typical guidelines that have to be followed:-

  • Original Text: Firstly, we want a unique, instructive, and proper article. This should suit our domain.
  • Original Writings: Not posted or republished elsewhere. If deemed duplicate, it will be rejected instantly.
  • Article Size: Your article should be at least 500 words and more.
  • Errors: Moreover, the content should be free of any grammatical errors.
  • Tone: It is best if you use a tone that is relevant to the reader’s comfortability.
  • Voice: Use more of active sentences.
  • Paragraph size: For each paragraph, a maximum of FOUR lines will be permitted.
  • Punctuation: The content should be well-staged in punctuations to be an easy read.
  • Transition words: ‘Transition words’ are used to join words, phrases, or sentences, being a part of speech. For example: Notably, in fact, unless, and so on. Make sure to use them more in the content.
  • Style: Write in a simple and neat form which is easily understandable for the guest readers.
  • Plagiarism: The content should pass through Copyscape and Google, being plagiarism-free.
  • Advertisements: We do not allow the promotion of any sex or steroid-related posts. If any product promotion is a must, then an indirect link can be given.
  • Images: Attaching images and videos for related texts are a must, being attractive than others.
  • Topic: Above all, we only want topic-oriented write-ups, keeping this in mind so do not go distracted.

P.S.– Markedly, if we find anything not suitable for our website, seeing that we will delete it instantly.

Weight Loss + Guest Post

Articles must fulfill any of the topics :weight-loss + “write for us”+guest post

De-tox Recipes
Diet Plans
Weight Loss “write for us”+guest post
Healthy Eating
Muscle Building
Health & Fitness

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If you still have questions?

As an illustration, introduce us to your ideas, stories, and recipes that you think Inkbeau followers will cherish. In the context of ideas, we have to reserve all content related to food, diet, healthy eating, nutrition, fitness, weight-loss ”write for us”, and Do It Yourself workouts. Visit our website owing to see the article.

If you have any feedback or comment regarding Inkbeau, or any article related queries, e-mail us directly at info@inkbeau.com.

Still, confused?

What should you start with or the topic you should select to write? In this case, we are available to answer any time to your question you are having about Inkbeau or weight loss  + write for us + Guest Posting Guidelines. Send us an e-mail and we will revert to you within 48 hours.

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