Wedding Planning Checklist: 5 Key Things You Can Never Assume

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Wedding Planning Checklist: 5 Key Things You Can Never Assume

If you’ve ever watched any movies or shows about wedding planning, you may have come across the bridezilla trope. Maybe you’ even know someone that took their wedding planning a little too personal. Even if you have a wedding planning checklist, it can still feel overwhelming.

It’s often used for comic relief, but few people comprehend how stressful, not to mention expensive, planning a wedding can be. Being a little on edge is perfectly understandable in a situation like this, though some do take it too far.

You don’t have to endure all that stress, though. There are plenty of ways to make the whole process easier, and one of them is planning ahead. For that reason, we’ve come up with a list of assumptions and mistakes you shouldn’t make.

  1. Don’t Assume Your Budget is Big Enough

It’s all too easy to go over budget when planning a wedding. One study concluded that nearly half of all couples went over budget, some by thousands of dollars.

Part of the problem is that setting a budget is no easy task. The price of weddings has a huge range. Some have modest weddings, while others prefer to go all out.

One way to set a budget is to work from the national average. 2017’s average cost was $27,000, while the 2018’s cost jumped to $44,000. Some good advice is to know the averages, and whether you’re the type who likes to splurge or be frugal.

  1. Don’t Invite Too Many or Too Few Guests

One mistake that a lot of people make is putting avenue before the guest list on their wedding planning checklist. Picking out a place before you know how many people you plan to invite can lead to disaster. Too many guests could make the venue look standing-room only, while too few will turn it into a ghost town.

Poor venue choice isn’t the only potential cause of the problem, though. Some people invite too many guests assuming that at least 10% will be unable to attend. Others have a ‘plus one’ option for every guest but aren’t prepared when more people want to bring guests than they expected.

It’s always better safe than sorry, so even if you’re looking into luxury Bosphorus wedding venues, assume most of your guests will come.

  1. Don’t Assume it Won’t Rain on Your Wedding Day

Not having a rain plan is yet another common mistake. Sometimes, you trust the forecast too much. Other times you’re so preoccupied with other plans that bad weather doesn’t occur to you.

The good news is that this problem can be avoided by having the wedding indoors. If you prefer to have the ceremony outside, at least have a backup plan. Of course, if you want to be super romantic, and it’s not raining too hard, you could ignore the rain and have the wedding outside anyways.

  1. Don’t Assume You Don’t Need a Videographer

While you could still have a wedding without a videographer, you might regret it later. After all, this is your wedding. It’s one of the most important days of your life, so you might want to have it on video.

On that subject, don’t have one of your friends tape it. They mean well, but they’re not a professional.

Who knows? Your mother may even want a copy to remember her tasteful dress.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of a Wedding Planning Checklist

There are a lot of things to consider when going through your wedding planning checklist. Make sure you keep track of your budget and don’t pass up a videographer to save money. There are better ways.

Also, keep track of the number of guests and venue size, and always be prepared for rain.

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