Six Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

August 27th, 2019 by

Six Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

On your big day, you’re already wearing one of the most mesmerizing bridal dresses of your life, holding the most delightful multicolored flowers, and rocking the prettiest, glossiest hair your head’s ever seen. 

Ensure that you’re not participating in any common bridal makeup mistakes ahead of the big day. Regardless of whether you’ve had a skincare and beauty care routine because chances are, you’ve been making some significant cosmetics blunders without realizing it. 

Tips to Resolve Wedding Makeup Mistakes 

Before you stroll down the aisle, take an extra minute in front of the bathroom mirror and check whether you’re liable of any of these top 6 wedding cosmetics mistakes. Reversing them is the easiest way to a perfect wedding look—even in the unretouched photographs!


  • You Forget to Prepare Your Lips


A great long-wear lipstick can stay for hours. On the other hand, it’s no counterpart for champagne toasts and wedding cake—except if you give it a little help. Before you swipe on lip shading, make a smooth surface with a lip primer. We adore MAC’s version; it makes for a simpler application and keeps lipstick on way longer. 


  • You’re Using the Wrong Foundation Shade


If your base make up makes you look chalky, it’s time to change out your shade for summer. Regardless of whether you’re intending to go the drugstore, head to a departmental store first to find your shade. Swipe three options on your jawline, then go to a mirror close to a window to see what it looks like in normal light. The shade that mixes most near your skin tone is the winner.


  • You’re Using a Dry Make up Sponge


Utilizing a dry makeup sponge to blend your makeup implies that the beauty tool will absorb a greater amount of the product, putting your most favorite foundation to waste. Sprinkle a little water on your sponge for a streak-free, photo-ready outcome. Ensure you’re additionally storing the moist makeup wipe in an open situation after use to avert from the mold. 


  • You’re Contouring too Much


Besides, an excessive amount of contour can make a discernibly overwhelming difference between your face and the rest of your body, as indicated by makeup expert. For a more natural etched look, she suggests applying sheer products under the cheekbones for extra depth.


  • Your Concealer’s Performing Dual Duty 


Asking why your concealer is settling into the creases under your eyes? It could be because you’re utilizing the same all-purpose pot you use to conceal breakouts. While marks usually enhance thick, full-coverage concealers, under-eyes benefit more from smoother methods with light-catching shades.


  • You’re not applying primer


For makeup coverage that keeps going throughout the day, from your first look photographs to the reception. Primer should be a regular in your makeup kit. Primer can likewise prove to be useful if you have certain skin conditions, like a dry or oily complexion. Begin your makeup routine with this beauty must-have, and after that apply foundation.


Unarguably, your wedding is one of the most-photographed days of your life. These tips will help you avoid these common makeup mishaps.