Latest Jewellery Trends for Autumn Weddings by Hatton Garden Jewellers Ovadia

October 25th, 2019 by

Latest Jewellery Trends for Autumn Weddings by Hatton Garden Jewellers Ovadia

No matter what time of year you decide to get married – you always want to look your best. 

Which outfit, make-up and shoes to go for? 

Plus, the jewellery you wear should complement your look. 

Ovadia customers are often unsure what jewellery style to go for, so the jewellery expert team have compiled some ideas here for anyone tying the knot this autumn. You definitely want to achieve the exclusive and unique jewellery look to make your weeding an outstanding event.

At their Hatton Garden Jewellery shop they offer a wide variety of stunning and trending wedding jewellery that will make you shine as an autumn bride or broom. 

Trust them, as they are top diamond provide everything from diamond to sapphire jewellery pieces, gold, silver, rose gold – you name it! 

Hottest Autumn Jewellery Trends

Autumn is a very romantic and beautiful season for weddings. 

Ovadia’s number one rule for all of their customers is: you must always go for what you love! So, don’t just blindly follow a trend, but make it your own.  

Everyone thinks it’s best to wear something that matches the wedding outfit. But is that it? Or what else should you consider? Get some inspiration from our suggestions.  


  • Marquise-shaped Navette Rings


Navette rings now form part of many jewellery collections, including the one at Ovadia Jewellery. Whether it is a vintage ring or a brand-new one, a navette ring makes a lovely autumn wedding jewellery piece for a bride. 

You can even choose navette style rings as your engagement rings. Make your autumn wedding look more unique with this sparkling design. 


  • Statement Earrings To Impress


Statement earrings are increasingly becoming trendy even for casual occasions.  

If you are looking for a jewellery highlight, your earrings can make a clear statement – that’s where statement earrings can work wonders. But how to pick the best statement earrings for your big day? 

Ideally, the Ovadia experts recommend you pick earrings that complement either the colour or pattern of your wedding dress or, if you’re a rather risky type, go for a complete contrast to your wedding outfit. 

At their jewellery shop in Hatton Garden they can show you various styles and designs and you can try them on to see how they work with your look. ALWAYS see the jewellery pieces you intend on buying in person first, before you go for them. 


  • Autumn Coloured Stones


An autumn wedding jewellery collection wouldn’t be complete without coloured stones. 

There’s no doubt that coloured stones are getting trendier compared to transparent diamonds. Bright-coloured gemstones on rings enhance the beauty of your hand. Whichever colour you fancy you can wear. For an autumnal look you could opt for sapphires, pale yellow, teal green, and red coloured stones. 

Depending on your choice, you can purchase a ring with your chosen coloured gemstone at the center or diamonds on either side of the ring. At Ovadia Jewellery you can bring your own coloured gemstone along, or purchase it in store, and get it custom designed for your perfect autumn wedding ring! 


  • Autumnal Pearl Bliss


Pearls are timeless and because of their natural and elegant appearance, they often go very well with many wedding fashion trends, no matter the season. 

This autumn minimalistic autumn brass earrings, silver leaf bracelets embellished with white pearls, autumnal bronze pearl jewellery are popular. 

In Ovadia’s experience, couples who love diamonds will also love pearls, as they’re the classy options. They signify simplicity and purity and can easily be combined with other jewellery items. 

At the Ovadia Hatton Garden Jewellery shop you can find many pearl jewellery styles that can be the perfect match for your wedding outfit. Test how different designs look on you to find out what works best. 


  • Open Wedding Rings


The rather unusual open wedding ring is another autumn jewellery option for daring brides-to-be. For an autumnal look you could consider yellow or orange coloured stones for your wedding ring. If you have an heirloom stone that complements the autumn season, then use it for a custom designed wedding ring in this unique pattern, which will surely capture everyone’s attention. 

Ovadia’s open rings feature two amazing stones (either of contrasting or matching colours). Their experienced designers are happy to design your open rings together for a matching autumn wedding couple look. 

Wedding trends constantly change, but these suggested autumn wedding pieces of jewellery will hopefully inspire you to create or purchase the jewellery items that will make you look like the autumn wedding couple you envision.  

So, what are you waiting for? Visit one of the most renowned wedding jewellery experts in London, Ovadia Jewellery, to discuss your autumn wedding jewellery options, looks, styles and dreams.