Wake Up Happy: 5 Tips to Sleep Better

April 25th, 2020 by

Wake Up Happy: 5 Tips to Sleep Better

A refreshing day is greatly influenced by how one slept the night before. With this, it can never be underscored how sleep affects health and overall quality of life. But how do you sleep better now that your lives are busier and there are so many—such as your gadgets—to keep you up all night?

While there are plenty of sleep accessories and doctor-prescribed methods and supplements to help one sleep, there may be other ways to try and follow to improve sleep quality. Aside from a consistent routine, the sleeping environment plays a big role in the quality of sleep.

Here are some free and simple ways suggested by professionals to make bedtime easier and to have better sleep.

1. Dim the Lights, and Keep the Sounds Low

When placing a lamp on the bedside, pick warm ones in red to orange shades. Lights and sounds affect the body clock, or the circadian rhythm, so it is important to regulate it before sleeping. The body naturally depends on light and on the sun during the day to make the brain active. Meanwhile, the darkness at night signals sleep and rest.

2. Make the Bedroom the Most Comfortable Spot at Home

Keep the bed space for rest and sleep, making it the most comfortable spot at home. Invest in blankets and pillows that are soothing and are right for the temperature. Avoid working and doing other activities on the bed.

Make the bedroom as relaxing as it can be. Keep the clutter away, and keep the room feeling and smelling clean. Make sure the door hinges are lubricated so they do not make a sound. If there is light outside the window at night, make sure there are enough curtains to make the indoors dim.

If you keep the windows open for some air, make sure it is clean and dust-free to avoid disruption of sleep due to allergies and irritation. Aside from vacuum cleaners to ensure clean floors, invest in window cleaning tools for dust-free and polished windows. Maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of the bedroom creates a good sleeping environment.


3. Regulate Screen Time

Lights hinder melatonin production, so it is advisable to minimize light exposure during bedtime. Artificial lights, especially blue light with radiation from gadgets, suppresses melatonin production and keeps the brain active. Simply put, enjoy the dim, and stay away from electronics and gadgets.

The dark sends signals to the brain, triggering calm and sleep, and exposure to light at night disrupts this cycle. Keep the gadgets away, and take time to relax before bedtime.

4. Take a Warm Bath Before Bedtime

The feeling of clean is relaxing, so scheduling bath time before bed may help improve sleep. Using warm water is especially advisable as the warmth soothes the muscles and the cooling effect after relaxes the body.

5. Follow a Sleeping Schedule

Having eight hours of sleep is advisable for most ages. While workdays may extend until late at night, try to get enough sleep for the body’s rest and repair needed for the next day. Try to follow a sleeping schedule, and stick to it. Setting a time for bed will help the body establish a rhythm that will promote a better quality of sleep.


In this fast and busy time people have, it may be a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is, therefore, crucial to strike a balance between activity and sleep. Keep the body nourished and active. Exercise daily to improve strength and immunity. Take supplements, and use reliable detox kits to eliminate all the toxins from fast and junk food. Lastly, remember to maintain a healthy sleeping routine.

Sleep deprivation should be taken seriously and not something to be ignored. If sleeping problems occur, try to act on it using the tips mentioned above, or seek professional help as chronic sleep loss can lead to physical and mental health problems.

Human bodies need to recharge through sleep just as gadgets need to be charged too. Just remember to commit to a sleeping schedule and make the bedroom and bedtime conducive for sleep and relaxation. After all, a great day starts from a good night’s sleep!