A Short and Sweet Guide through Men’s Wallets

September 17th, 2019 by

A Short and Sweet Guide through Men’s Wallets

What accessory is always in favor among men? We are sure that no man can do without a handy wallet for storing money and necessary documents. A men’s wallet made of genuine leather will emphasize the success and wealth of its owner. Sometimes, this leather accessory can tell others about a guy owning it more than his entire wardrobe.

When it comes to a wallet, everybody thinks that it is designed to keep money. However, not all wallets are made for this. There are products that accommodate business and credit cards, as well as organizers for IDs and documents. The appearance and functionality of a wallet depend on its purpose.

Wallets for Money

Wallets for money vary in size but they are always rather flat. Typically, this accessory has several compartments for storing paper notes and coins. Now it’s hard to find a men’s leather wallet that doesn’t have an additional compartment for credit cards.

Document Wallets

Document wallets are pretty plentiful. Not only do they store a passport and driver’s license but also a car and medical insurance, Social Security Card, blank checks, etc. The number of compartments and their size may vary. The more documents you are going to carry with you, the more impressive will be the size of your wallet.

Document wallets are often constructed as spacious organizers with several compartments featuring a zipper. It normally folds in half, turning into a compact piece with a strap and a clasp.


Billfolds resemble classic wallets in appearance but they are smaller in size. While a wallet is supposed to be carried in a bag, a billfold, due to its compactness, fits perfectly into a pocket. For the sake of compactness, these items feature fewer card clots and may not have a pocket for change whatsoever. Normally, billfolds fold in two, rarely – in three.

Money Clip Wallets

An unusual solution for storing money is a money clip wallet. In fact, it is more like a cardholder with an additional clip for paper money.

The main benefit of this design is that it won’t take up much space in your pocket. Plus, it provides easy access to your essentials. On the other hand, you won’t be able to store change in it. There is simply no room for coins meaning they will have to be sent in your pocket. 

If you prefer a non-cash form of payment, a money clip wallet is a perfect solution. It is fair to say that modern money clips are designed for e-money rather than cash. Still, there is a clip for a few notes just in case. 

Coin Wallets

While money clips don’t have a change compartment whatsoever, coin wallets are intended only for a change. They are small and simplistic, perfect for keeping coins in one place. It is considered those coin wallets are rather for ladies but who would forbid a man to have one for his needs? It probably doesn’t make sense to keep a coin wallet in a pocket but it will come in handy for your backpack, bag, or car. After all, change scattered all over your car can buy you a cup of coffee and something nice to munch on.