Highlighting the Benefits of Virtual Telephone Numbers

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Highlighting the Benefits of Virtual Telephone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are becoming more and more commonplace among businesses and individuals that are looking for a competitive edge. With the development of the Internet, VoIP, and cloud computing, telecommunications have been revolutionized like never before. And with this, it has never been easier to enhance interactions over the phone thanks to virtual phone numbers.

Virtual Numbers and Their Many Benefits

In this article, we will highlight the many benefits of virtual phone numbers, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Advertising and marketing adaptability
  • Accessing hyper-specific target markets
  • Greater flexibility for handling inbound calls

First, let’s begin with just a basic definition of what virtual phone numbers are to bring unfamiliar readers up to speed.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are a cloud-assisted form of telecommunications service that works on a subscription basis from a service provider. When someone dials a virtual phone number, the call immediately diverts to another phone number known as the destination number. The following is a list of the benefits of using virtual phone numbers and how they can be of service to your company.

Benefit of Virtual Telephone Numbers #1: Cost-Effectiveness

Perhaps the greatest benefit of virtual phone numbers is that they are cost-effective for organizations wanting a global presence. Instead of risking capital and resources on creating a brick-and-mortar presence, virtual phone numbers enable you to reach new customers instantly. Similarly, virtual phone numbers aid a business in determining whether their services have viability in new markets before investing resources.

Benefit of Virtual Telephone Numbers #2: Ease of Use

To use virtual telephone numbers, it is only required that you have a device that has a connection to the Internet and audio capabilities. There’s no need to buy expensive proprietary hardware or learn sophisticated software. Instead, virtual phone numbers are nearly identical to regular forms of telecommunication with actually more adaptability and flexibility. Because of this, virtual phone numbers require very little training for staff to begin using immediately, leading to significant savings for any organization.

Benefit of Virtual Telephone Numbers #3: Advertising and Marketing Adaptability

The direct and instant communication of virtual phone numbers lends themselves well to your business’ marketing and advertising efforts. By opening up lines of communication that potential customers can see/access from your ads, you effectively increase the likelihood that a customer will transact with your company. As an example, placing a virtual phone number on a billboard combines the visibility of an advertisement with a way to get instantly in touch with your company.

Going one step further, vanity numbers can further strengthen the memorability of your marketing campaigns. These phone numbers feature a visually-appealing set of digits that can potentially highlight your business model. For instance, some of the most memorable vanity numbers include 1- (800) – FLOWERS, or law firms that feature consecutive digits.

Benefit of Virtual Telephone Numbers #4: Accessing Hyper-Specific Target Markets

Most service providers of virtual phone numbers offer not only country-specific numbers, but also region- and city-specific area codes. These virtual phone numbers can aid in the localization process, whereby you try to appeal to customers by blending in with local/domestic business entities.

Conversely, by using non-geographic numbers, such as toll free numbers, your business can gain a broader national appeal. This is because most toll free prefixes aren’t tied down to a specific area within a number plan. In essence, your business gains “geographical agnosticism.”

 Benefit of Virtual Telephone Numbers #5: Greater Flexibility for Handling Inbound Calls

Virtual phone numbers can typically be augmented with enhanced functionality and add-ons. Depending on the service provider, your business can gain the ability to route calls to different destination numbers/voicemails based on the time of day (with “time of day routing”). Call recording, a popular add-on, enables your company to record and store conversations for later review.

Virtual Phone Numbers from United World Telecom

Virtual telephone numbers are one of the easiest and most effective tools your business can use to manage communication. In the past, this process required complex routing and syncing with different protocols; this changed with the advent of Internet-based phone communication via VoIP and related technologies.

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