5 Best Ways to Vacuum Your Dog

August 11th, 2020 by

5 Best Ways to Vacuum Your Dog

Your pet forces you to vacuum your house now and then. Are the pet shed hair all over the place and you feel tired of clean?

Instead of vacuuming the hair of your pet from the houses, try vacuum cleaning your pet. The pet leaves traces of hair all over the house. Sometimes you vacuum the house just because of your pet.

The only way out of repeated vacuum cleans of the house, vacuum the dog. Yes, it saves you energy and time. If your pet has long hair, know that much of it is shed regularly.

Have you tried cleaning your dog hoping to shed its hair too? Washing your pet is different from vacuum cleaning.

The following are the best 5-ways of vacuum cleaning your dog.

  1. Use a Quiet Vacuum for Pets

With many pet vacuum cleaners in the market, use the quiet vacuum. Your dog is sensitive to noise and may not cooperate. Shop for a pet long hair vacuum in the market to avoid your pet snapping you.

Dogs are sensitive beings and love a quiet environment. The way you don’t like noise and disturbance is the same as your pet.

If you love your pet, then consider a quiet vacuum for long hair.

  1. Acclimate your Dog with the Vacuum

How do you befriend your pet with the vacuum? Connect the vacuum and power it. Hold it in the presence of your pet. When you realize your pet is comfortable for whatever noise coming out of the vacuum, call it.

Call your pet near your vacuum that is powered. If your dog-pet is not comfortable, repeat the exercise even for three consecutive days.

Remember your dog is used to the routine, so by the end of the third day, your pet is ready.

  1. Start with the Legs

After you realize that the pet is comfortable, call it again with a powered vacuum start from the legs. First, pass the vacuum across the whole body while it’s not powered.

Why the legs? You can raise the legs while holding them. This ensures your dog has no choice but to accept your promptings.

Power your vacuum and start slowly with the front legs while holding your pet. Slowly vacuum the long hair. The shed and old hair will be vacuumed and your pet is wow.

  1. Vacuum the Chest and Belly

When the dog is comfortable with the vibrations, start to vacuum the chest and then the belly. Have you been tickled in the tummy? Well, you understand why you finish with the belly.

The belly is the most sensitive part of the body. It needs patience and routine.

  1. Give Your Dog a Treat

After you comfortably vacuumed the long hair of your pet, get it a treat. Remember the reinforcements work well with dogs. Give your pet a pat and immediately a great treat.

The dog doesn’t need anxieties, therefore, a treat clears the fears and stress of your pet

After the first vacuum cleaning of your pet, create a routine for the next days. Regularly at a specific time creates a routine.

What Next

Clean your vacuum immediately after use. Remember not to vacuum your dog when it’s muddy. You can’t vacuum a wet pet too.

Establish the working routine for repeating the exercise.