What Are The Top User Onboarding Mistakes To Avoid?

August 5th, 2020 by

What Are The Top User Onboarding Mistakes To Avoid?

The sole thing user onboarding needs to focus on is assisting new users in experiencing your product’s capabilities. Let’s take the example of Google Adwords. One of the foremost things they do is to help you display your first advertisement.

If you are a first-time user of Google Adwords, it is reasonable to feel confused about the various features. To be great at user onboarding, you need to discover the common mistakes committed by app developers and marketers. So let’s take a glance at some of the common onboarding mistakes you should avoid.

Activation Emails Can Derail the Onboarding Flow

Never force your users to sign up with email while they are using the app for the very first time. It is a commonly observed fact that keeping activation mails at the forefront can severely impact the onboarding process. Removing the activation step from the start of the onboarding flow can help you generate a positive experience among the users. They would be more motivated to download and use your app.

User Onboarding Shouldn’t Start in the product

Always remember that user onboarding starts the second someone interacts with your brand. User onboarding software  can provide you real-time data on the interaction levels of your users. Let’s cite an example to comprehend this notion better. Suppose your app is meant primarily for video hosting. However, users are of the view that it is for video marketing.

The moment they sign up thinking like this, your app’s popularity, as well as credibility, would suffer. This is the reason that you need to deliver an experience that delivers on the perceived value of the users. To make their perceptions correct, you need to embark on a thorough marketing campaign. Before releasing your app, make people understand about its nature and type.

Don’t Have a Value Gap

While selling any app of the tool, there are two types of value associated with it. The first is the value you promise to provide to your users in sales copies. The other one is the value as experienced by the user. Having a considerable margin between these two can have severe repercussions on the onboarding process. Nowadays, this is rarely the case!

It is quite uncommon to see perceived value being equaled to experienced value. If you are right to your words, you can retain the users for the lifetime. In case you don’t, your app may well be doomed. This is because your customers tend to lose trust in your abilities and promises.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can enquire about your support team for various pointers. In most of the time, the support team knows the customers better than your marketing team. It is because they interact with them directly. Formulating strategies based on the feedback of the support team would help you lessen the value gap.

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