Massage Lakeland: Different Types of Massage and Why You Need One

July 23rd, 2020 by

Massage Lakeland: Different Types of Massage and Why You Need One

Getting a massage is probably one of the best ways to relax, but not everyone gets these massages. That’s because they’re considered to be luxury services, and are expensive. However, times change and more people now turn to Massage Lakeland therapy as a treatment option. It’s become so mainstream now that insurance providers offer coverage for massage therapy sessions.

If you haven’t gotten a massage yet, then you might be interested to know the different types of massage. Other than relaxing, there are more reasons why you need one, so keep reading.

Massage Lakeland: Different types of massages

Below are the different types of massages you can get from Massage Lakeland:

  • Signature Tranquility Journey. This type of massage includes a full-body massage, beginning with the painting of heated Moor mud to help with the release of tension. The journey is highlighted with a serenity hot stone foot massage. This melts away any remaining stress.
  • Swedish Massage. This light to medium pressure massage makes use of gliding strokes and gentle transitions to relax and soothe. It eases tension and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system and oxygen. It also increases flexibility.
  • Deep Therapy Massage. This uses trigger point therapy to relax sore muscles and relieve chronic muscle tension. This therapeutic medium to deep pressure massage will improve circulation and enrich flexibility.
  • Couple’s Massage. This encourages you to unite with your favorite person. Connect in a relaxing setting while enjoying side-by-side massages.
  • Bamboo Fusion Massage. This uses heated bamboo rods to provide a deep and therapeutic healing experience. It offers relaxation while deeply penetrating your muscles for lasting relief of muscle fatigue and tension.
  • Serenity Stone Massage. Deliberate stone placement and soothing massage techniques can bring increased circulation. It can also encourage a sense of contentment and serenity.
  • Hydrotherapy Massage. This is a luxurious full-body massage, under the therapeutic pressure of a Vichy rain shower. This will calm your senses while your therapist releases muscle tension using organic coconut oil.
  • Neck and Back Massage. This light to medium pressure massage uses gliding strokes to relax and warm your muscles.
  • This service begins with a hot towel cleansing ritual, followed by stimulation of specific pressure points of the feet or hands to relieve tension and stress and ease the pain. It encourages oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body to instill deep relaxation.
  • Mommy to Be. Expectant moms are welcome to indulge in this soothing full-body massage to help alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy. However, this isn’t recommended during the first trimester or with high-risk pregnancy without any approval from the doctor.

Massage Lakeland: Here’s why you need a massage

The reasons for getting a massage is infinite, but here are seven of them:

To relieve stress

Stress is one of society’s biggest killer. But we can easily mitigate it through regular massage sessions. Every time you go for a massage Lakeland therapy, the first benefit you’ll experience is relaxation. With the help of several essential oils, masseurs can use different techniques to massage your body. This, in turn, can reduce muscular tension.

This puts your body in a relaxation mode. And when soothing music plays in the background, it will create a peaceful environment for you, which gives you a chance to let go of your baggage and clear your mind.

To promote muscle relaxation

One of the reasons why you need a massage is because it targets the sources of your pain and eliminates tense muscles. This provides relaxation to your body and flexibility to the affected muscles.

A good massage helps promote blood circulation to the affected muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this reduces stiffness and edema in your muscles and joints.

It also boosts the release of endorphins, which increases the levels of both dopamine and serotonin in the body. This boost of hormones will promote feelings of euphoria, healing, and will help calm your nerves and pain management.

Massage Lakeland can relieve pain

A lot of people visit their doctors because of pain-related problems. This has resulted in an overreliance on pain meds. Because of the benefits of massage, you can ease your pain by getting one. Whether you’re sore from your workouts or you’re suffering from chronic pains or headaches, getting a massage is a solution.

Massage is considered to be a natural painkiller. It manipulates the various muscle groups to help reduce inflammation throughout your body. Exerting pressure on the area can boost serotonin and reduce cortisol levels in your body, which results in reducing your pain.

To sleep better

If you’re having problems with sleeping, then getting a massage is one of the solutions. Lack of sleep has become an epidemic that affects everyone, from adults to little kids. This is partly because of the changing technology and the abundance of big screens in the workplace and even at home.

Getting a massage can do the trick since it boosts serotonin levels. This will not only help with anxiety and pain but will also help you sleep better.

To strengthen the immune system

Massage Lakeland therapy can help boost your immune system by decreasing cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol destroys neutral killer cells, which means a decrease in cortisol levels gives your immune system a boost. Getting a massage is perfect for patients experiencing compromised immunity.

To improve your mood

Have you ever had a massage on a bad day, and then suddenly felt better? Massage therapy isn’t only a natural relaxer but it also helps you feel better mentally.

Massage therapy increases the levels of feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. It also lowers your cortisol levels by a significant margin. As discussed previously, lower cortisol levels can make you feel a lot better.

To get rid of body toxins

Massage therapy can stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps your body release toxins. This is the main reason why you should always drink water after getting a massage. This ensures that the toxins are released and stimulates the soft tissues.