Fashion in the tropics – how islanders approach their outfits

May 13th, 2020 by

Fashion in the tropics – how islanders approach their outfits

The usual fashion choices we see in big busy cities across the globe, isn’t really what the islanders are after. We are so used to seeing the same style in film, entertainment, and probably our own cities that it can actually be a kind of a shock to see how those living their lives on beautiful islands approach their choices. Of course, there are a lot of things that play into this dynamic and the most important factor is probably the weather, the humidity – the very basic things that we base our outfits on. But this isn’t the most interesting distinction between how the islanders and those living in the crowded metropolises. And it’s not just about the weather.

As you probably already know, the climate affects our lifestyle quite a bit, and not just what clothes are appropriate for the temperature, but how the place we live in functions, what sort of activities are popular, what are general attitudes towards fashion, whether or not comfort needs to be a priority or looking sharp is a must. All of these things are quite different in islands, where life is more connected to nature and is usually more chill, compared to big cities where people work regular jobs mostly and there is no nature insight

The color palette

I think it will come as no surprise that the color palette of those living on the islands is usually a lot brighter than those who live in the city where black, grey, and navy are the most worn colors. There are a couple of reasons behind that, and one of the most interesting ones is that we usually dress according to our mood, trying to express ourselves through our clothing. Most people living their busy lives in the city are actually quite stressed, not having enough time or patience for combining together fun outfits with exciting colors and they choose to stick to the basics. Meanwhile, they all need to be taken seriously in order to be trusted with their tasks and they don’t allow themselves to get carried away with their clothing color palette. Meanwhile, on islands, there is no such need because dressing in dark colors would just mean that people would feel much hotter, and uncomfortable during the day because of the humidity. They don’t really need to dress in “smart” colors, they can let their actions speak for themselves. The color palette is generally much lighter, more fun and there are much fewer requirements that one has to fulfill before heading out to work.

The attitude

From the paragraph above you probably deduced that there is a lot more based on how people dress and what impression they leave on people around them in bigger cities. Meanwhile, the clothing isn’t that much of an issue with islanders who just want to dress for themselves and be as comfortable as possible. Also since some activities are limited to being only online, for example, live casino online real money wins, there is no need to dress up for some of the facilities that people in cities would usually dress up for. Being closely connected to nature can actually be the reason why. People who live on the islands are actually a lot more physically active than those who live in big cities so they opt for more sporty and comfy clothes that they can do their favorite sports or other activities in and people don’t make the assumption that just because a person we are sporty clothing they are lazy or don’t have a proper job. Physical activity is considered an essential part of the day to day life and people understand that. You are much less likely to be judges by your outfit by an islander than by a person who lives and works in a bigger city


While for the most part, people dress the same everywhere they go in the big cities, there is much more variety with islanders. While we mentioned that as rule islanders are more chill with their clothing choices it doesn’t mean that they never dress smart. But they allow themselves to wear all kinds of clothing and they don’t feel like they will be perceived as a different person. Being an islander often sounds like all they do is surf and suntan but people have to work, even when living on the island. There is more diversity in the recurring activities, hobbies, and rituals compared to that of a person living in the city which is exactly why their clothing seems to reflect that as well. There are more choices, convenience is always welcome and islanders know that it’s not just their clothing that makes a statement about who they are, something that city people should try to understand better

All and all there are clear differences between islanders and people in big cities and from all of these arguments it looks like the islanders have way more fun with fashion and allow themselves to dress for comfort, self-expression, and convenience, at the same time.