Latest technology trends in the online casino industry

September 18th, 2019 by

Latest technology trends in the online casino industry

Just like any other business that strives to give customers a better service, online casino businesses are also becoming more competitive so that they have the edge on their competitors.

New online casinos need to keep abreast of the latest technology in order to not only attract new clientele but to keep the customer base they have. These days an online site needs to offer more than just a casino bonus, although this is still important. They need to adapt and keep up with trends.

More user encouragement

Online casino sites will need to be more attractive to new players. Sites will be re-designed to make players of all levels feel at home wherever they play in the casino. Leader boards will give weekly bonuses and have notice boards offering special deals where the players can keep up with what the site offers. Newsletters to all members will become a common event so that members are always up to date on deals and special offers. Sites will need to be more focused on keeping their players because there will be many more casino sites to play. They will need to offer something really special if they want to win new players and keep old ones.

Chang in live dealer games

While it is normal to see live dealers at games such as roulette, poker, and blackjack, there will be a move to see live dealers at other games. It is possible that you will start to see live dealers at board games such as Monopoly and even some skill-based games.

Higher jackpots

As anyone who plays progressive jackpots knows, the prizes are way up high. The trend is to go higher and payout more amounts. We should see several games which have interconnected jackpots possibly in some of the sports-themed games. Having more games connected means that more players will participate, and pay-outs will increase.

More skill games

Up to now, many online casino games are more luck than skill. That is set to change soon with games becoming increasing skill-based. As you enter the online casino you may find yourself pitted against the computer bot in your game. There will be many more games where analytical skill is needed. These are gaining in popularity very rapidly.

More multi-player games

There are some games where several players play together but not that many. In the future, there will be more games where players can play together either in teams or against each other. We predict that soon you will be able to play your favorite games with your friends.

Bitcoin currency

Some financial institutions are looking into the possibility of introducing ‘stablecoins’ which would be linked to all major national currencies. This they say would instill stability into markets. It would also mean that players do not have to do conversions between different currencies such as dollars and pounds.

More virtual reality games

The next generation in online casino games is going to see the effects of improved virtual reality games. This is set to take the casino market by storm. Given that the age of players is lower now than it was some years ago, the trend will move towards a more virtual platform.

Improved 3D games

Obviously, this will be dependant on the device that you are using, but 3D graphics are set to improve beyond imagination. What makes 3D so attractive is that you do not have to wear any glasses to appreciate the effects.

Easy to navigate sites

Not only will sites become easier to get around, but they will also offer full lessons of all the games they offer. New players will never need to leave the site to learn how to play a game, all the instruction they need will be readily available in the casino, thus making sure that they stay on the site. A ‘sticky’ site will hold players far longer than a boring site.

Facial recognition

Casinos, both land-based and online may start to make a move towards facial recognition. No longer can a person who is on the ‘no playlist’ simply put on a fake beard and enter the site. Cameras will be able to recognize a cheat and flag him. In land-based casinos, this will increase the security of the casino, while in online casinos there will be less chance of an impersonator taking your winnings. Even if your laptop is stolen your winnings will be safe.

More online casinos

Simply because people would prefer to play games from the comfort of their own homes and at whatever times they like, there will be an increase in online casinos. Online casinos will make sure that their games can be enjoyed on all devices, whether they are static or portable. You should be able to get the same thrills when you play on your smartphone as to when you play in your living room.

To sum up

Because society is moving towards even greater improvements in technology, there is no reason why online casinos should not follow suit. It is very much a case of ‘adapt or die’ and any online casino who wants to stay in the business as well as attract more players will need to keep abreast of new trends.

Online casino sites will need to be more aware of attracting new players as well as holding on to older players. They will need to offer special deals to players of all levels and, with an easy to navigate the site, keep the players coming back for more.