Top 5 Trending Handbags

December 11th, 2019 by

Top 5 Trending Handbags

Every fashionista knows that a handbag is not just functional. It is a fashion statement that speaks volumes about who she is and the mood she’s in. And naturally, her outfit and accessories should always be on trend and match (or create) her mood.

But what bags are on-trend for this season and into the new year? There are several and they are very different. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s happening handbags, how they are most useful, and what types of clothing they go best with with. Here are five perfect examples:

Fun, Fuzzy, and Fur-covered

Unlike the fur-lined boots you tend to see in this season, its handbag counterpart displays its fuzziness on the outside, loud and proud. This is actually a natural progression when earlier this year, fur ball key chains became all the rage.

They are the perfect complement to the equally-hot shearling jackets, which are one of the most on-trend winter pieces on every runway. The style goes with almost any outfit because of their versatility. This furry trend comes as cross body bags, backpacks, and totes. However, while they come in various shapes, to achieve the “cozy-comfy” look they look best in pastel tones, paired with soft sweaters and jeans.

The Quintessential Belt Bag

The belt bag this year is high fashion’s answer to the dreadful comeback of the fanny pack. Yes, the regrettable 90s trend and other tourist-inspired garb has come back and gone mainstream. So, thankfully, designers have taken the initial idea and dignified the concept.

The belt bag is a leather purse that can be fastened around your waist. They are fashionable, fancy, and functional. Your money, phone, and valuables are close to your body and easily accessible. The functionality of this bag is perfect for travel and shopping, where you might normally be worried about theft.

Pair a belt bag with a long sheath dress and knee-high boots to give yourself a slimming silhouette. Or try it with a denim jacket and t-shirt to add an instant touch of class.

Grandma-chic Crochet Bags

Remember a few years back when crocheting became the crafting rage? It seemed every woman under forty wanted to learn how it as a skill. Well, now you can have the look without the labor! Designers have recently displayed a plethora of crocheted bags on their runways and the look is no longer limited to summer outfits and beachwear.

After all, the boho look has been in for the better part of the last two decades and the artsy, hipster vibe it portrays can go with a variety of ensembles. These include vintage floral dresses with floppy hats and decorative sandals, and wintery frocks topped with puffy-sleeved cardigans. One favorite is the bamboo-handled crochet tote bag, which is versatile-looking enough that it can be dressed up or for everyday use.

Miniature Models

Miniature bags have been around for a while, but the trend is just now really hitting its stride. They are useful if you don’t have much to carry other than your phone, credit cards, and cash, and that makes it a solid choice for those who don’t want to haul a large pocketbook with them everywhere.

Not only are they adorable, there really is a mini for every taste. Do you like totes, backpacks, or clutches? They each, respectively, have their own shrunken-down versions. That means you can find one that you like no matter where your preference lies.

Often, minis come in loud patterns such as leopard, tiger, and zebra prints, while others jump on the unicorn train with rainbow swirls, which are also perfect for celebrating LGBTQ pride. These bags go well with cute, everyday outfits, like solid leggings, long tunics, and funky, matching sneakers in similar colors or patterns.

Single Loop Looks

The single loop moniker applies to any type of bag that has one single handle rather than having two handles or a strap. These are usually made from leather, but they can be made from any material.

The look is fabulous! Not unlike the clutch before it, the single loop bag is carried with one hand, which gives you an air of elegance. It can be sophisticated when it is matched with solid-colored evening wear, but it can also work well with a power suit. The difference really lies with the color, and the overall style of the handbag.

In conclusion, while the fresh-from-the-runway handbags for 2020 are as different as they can be, it means there is a little something for everyone. In choosing a handbag for you, you will need to evaluate how you intend to use it and your personal needs so that you invest in the perfect one.

Of course, there is always the option of creating a handbag wardrobe and adding each one that you like. That way you will always be ready for any occasion and have the perfect purse for any outfit.