Get Fashion with Dress or Trench Coat

July 18th, 2019 by

Get Fashion with Dress or Trench Coat

Dresses for women are many in fashion. Not always tacky, floral clothes can actually make you look more polite, elegant and mature! In fact, not everyone is confident in using floral clothes that are caused by several things. Never be afraid to be labeled old school because this year there will be many floral-patterned clothes born again. The vintage impression will remain attached, provided you are good at choosing the right motif. Of course, this will make your appearance more sophisticated and different from usual.

More elegant with large floral accents, suitable for those who are thin. Large floral motif, making the impression that your thin body will look fuller. Either the motive is full-on each side or only in certain parts will greatly affect your body shape. Soft colors make you seem calmer as women. Pastel colors are still a trend until now, what is wrong with trying to choose a soft floral motif. Your calm impression will be successful and will increase your confidence. ‘Soft’ colors like this are suitable for you to wear every day, even going to campus or just going to the mall. Moreover, if you carry a neutral colored bag like brown or black, it is certain that your style will be even more optimal!

Roses are always the prima donna in every woman’s heart. Roses, always smart to attract every woman’s heart. The combination of red with black base increasingly makes your appearance charming. Floral motifs with classic colors make you more elegant when viewed. The color of gold or silver can always give birth to classic nuances like the royal era, what is the harm in trying? If you succeed in making it like a princess’s palace. What is wrong with choosing bright colors? This will impress you in joy immediately! The cute and cheerful character will be obtained from brightly colored floral motifs well suited for you women who are active in your daily life.

Then, for the women’s trench coat, there are several things that must be considered so that you look still charming. Choose a trench coat with a length above the knee (so the body doesn’t look short) and brightly colored, like cream, light brown, or white to make it easier to mix and match. If you want to look more casual, try wearing thick leggings and patterned tops, like lines, or plain with attractive colors. If you want to look chicer, match with a canal that does not exceed the length of the trench coat and coat your legs with stockings or leggings. Perfect appearance with ankle boots that have a right of at least 7 cm.

Well, to get clothes that suit your personality and what you like, it’s a good idea to visit clothing stores that have high-quality clothing collections and are always updated for their fashion styles. Do not forget too, you must get quality clothes so that you still feel comfortable with charming clothes. You can also check the clothes from an online website that the stores have.