Top Celebrity Fashion Icons Today

August 8th, 2019 by

Top Celebrity Fashion Icons Today

Your fashion inspiration doesn’t just have to come from catwalks. Thanks to social media, we can now follow celebrities and check what they do and how they dress. You probably already have some of these celebrities on your list and you can’t wait for the next image they publish to, once again, admire their exquisite sense of style.

If you love exploring the creativity of fashion, you probably know some of the names that hit our celebrity fashion icons list. With all these celebrities, it’s exciting to discover new ideas and concepts of fashion when simply looking into their photos, whether it’s in the magazines or their social media accounts. 

To help you upgrade your fashion game, we bring you the names of celebrities you need to pay closer attention to if you’re looking for a good inspiration!

#1 Emma Watson

Yes, we could have started our list with some of the names that immediately came across your mind: Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Kylie Jenner, but how about Emma Watson? She is one of the rare celebrities who is using fashion for a good cause. She is one of the best fashion icons today and she spends her time addressing issues of national and global importance. Mostly known for her movie roles, Emma is now a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador who loves to include fashion into all the events she attends. 

Besides her classy and elegant style, she promotes sustainable designed clothing which makes her deserved the title of being the best fashion icon today. Sure, there are many other celebrities who are expressing their sense of fashion through a much creative way, but Emma is the future of fashion. After all, we could really use more sustainable clothes on a professional dress form!

#2 Blake Lively

Our beloved gossip girl is now a grown woman with a fabulous sense of fashion. Blake Lively has been praised for her fantastic combinations for years now. This timeless beauty can pull off anything she puts her mind too. By mixing her boldness and femininity, Blake will look equally perfect in a suit and in a cocktail dress. 

She loves playing with different colours, designs and materials to create something completely fresh. Although she will say that she is not much of a dress-up person in her private life, we simply adore watching her in all these red carpet events!

#3 Billie Eilish

For those of you who are tired looking at all these celebrities who kind of look all the same and dress up very similar, you will adore Billie Eilish. This young woman has a fashion style like nobody else! As a creative musician, she brings that creativity in her fashion outfits as well. 

From monochromatic to metallic, you can expect it all when it comes to this teenager. She likes to describe her style as ‘weird’ and that’s the exact type of weird we were all lacking in the world of celebrities! Make sure you pay closer attention to her because this girl is not going anywhere!

#4 Kristen Stewart

She is definitely the vampire with the best sense of style! This famous actress has been keeping a low profile recently, but each time she makes an appearance, she dazzles with her fantastic choice. Her style is cool and rebellious and we love seeing her wild side expressed in the fashion. 

If you’re a fan of an androgynous look, you might want to take a peek into her pictures. Describes as the most fashionable tomboy, Kristen is the perfect mixture of high couture such as Chanel as a street brand like Vans. If you’re not sure how these two brands can even go into the same sentence, let Kristen teach you her skills!

#5 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is the symbol of femininity in the fashion world. She is loved by so many fashion designers, from India to the United States. Her style is elegant and sometimes a bit extravagant as she doesn’t have fear to wear something that nobody else would dare. And she’s never wrong because there is not one single thing that looks bad on her. 

From sports apparel when she is spending her free day jogging in the park or when she goes to a red carpet event wearing dresses that are designed especially for her. To make a fashion statement, Priyanka is ready to experiment with features you would never expect to see combined. If you wish to become a bit braver when it comes to your fashion style, Priyanka is the person you should learn from. 


Nobody can make the fashion greater than women that have the courage the play with it. These women all appreciate fashion as a way to reveal more about their personality while at the same time ensuring their fans are enjoying their fashion choices. If we’re going to have half of their sense of style in the future of the fashion industry, we couldn’t be happier!