Top 9 Gemstone Rings and Their Significance

October 7th, 2020 by

Top 9 Gemstone Rings and Their Significance

Gemstone rings are beautifully sentimental. Jewelry should evoke a feeling of intimacy and personality through it’s look, feel and styling, and gemstones are one of the easiest ways to channel your character through your accessories. Read on for the top nine types of gemstones that you’ll meet on your ring hunt, and their significance…

Black Tourmaline

The inky, dark color of Black Tourmaline makes it a fantastically dramatic embellishment for any style of ring. This stone is thought to protect you from negative energy while it neutralizes and purifies any bad thoughts you might have. Black Tourmaline is also known for protecting wearers against environmental pollutants.


Peridot is very recognizable for its eye-catching light green glow. This stone is thought to possess peaceful, positive properties. It is believed that Peridot brings the wearer increased compassion, restfulness and good health.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz’s pretty rosy hue is beautifully delicate and soft, so much so that it is often associated with universal love and romance. Wearers are thought to enjoy increased levels of trust and romance within their relationships, as well as inner healing and peace with the aid of this stone’s pink flush.


This is an ancient and powerful gemstone, believed to enhance intelligence, healing, passion and creativity. Amethyst has a deep, rich purple glow, so it looks strikingly dramatic and eclectic when set in a ring.


Aquamarine carries the wisdom and purity of the ocean. Its brilliant pale blue glow is known for its purifying properties – soothing and cleansing the wearer while encouraging them to trust and let go.

Smoky Quartz


Image source: Lassanai NYC

The earthy brown hue of mystical Smoky Quartz is known for its grounding abilities. This gemstone is thought to bring balance, healing and protection against negative vibrations while alleviating fear and nervousness.


Citrine is known for boosting the wearer’s imaginative and creative potential. The soft, warm yellow glow exudes positivity, energy and confidence. This ‘stone of success’ is also thought to attract prosperity and good luck!


The beautiful, milky glimmer of moonstone is believed to bring inner strength and growth to those who wear it. This gemstone is known as the stone of new beginnings and transformation.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is thought to be a natural detoxifier, energizing the wearer and guarding them from environmental pollutants and negative thoughts. The green hue is also believed to increase intuition, emotional balance and order.

Now that you’re educated on some of the most popular varieties of gemstone rings and what their stones actually mean, you can start searching for your perfect fit! When you’re shopping it’s important to consider…


Quality should always come before quantity when you’re looking to add to your jewelry collection or to gift a piece to a loved one. Take your time and ensure that you’re shopping for artfully handcrafted rings. Craftsmanship and attentive manufacturing will ensure that the ring you purchase can be worn, styled and loved for a long time to come.

Base Metals

It’s also important to have a think about the actual band of your ring, as well as the shiny embellishment. Look for solid metals such as sterling silver to ensure that your ring is as durable and as high quality as it possibly can be. Base materials make a massive difference to your ring’s overall look, feel and quality, so it’s worth paying attention to.


Hunt for unique, interesting designs that are created mindfully to find rings that are not only unique, but  also good for the environment. Small, boutique designers will often prioritize individualism and slow production, making for more beautiful, eco-friendly results. Shop small, slow and sustainable to make the kindest (and most stylish!) choice possible.