Top 10 Facts on PEMF Machines

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Top 10 Facts on PEMF Machines

Technological advancement in the medical field has added new dimensions to traditional treatments that were painful, costly, and difficult to conduct. On the contrary, these groundbreaking techniques are pain-free, side effect free and convenient to use. Thanks to PEMF technology! As the therapy is gaining huge popularity, users want to know more about the working and features of pulsed electromagnetic tools. The following description would help you to learn some basic top 10 facts on PEMF machines.

PEMF Machine Has a Different Influence on Different People

The machines accelerate the healing and recovery mechanism of your body. However, different individuals would experience the impacts differently. Why this difference? Only experts know how the subtleties in intensity and frequency would influence different body conditions and body types. Luckily, the device does not harm even without accurate adjustments, but the perfect adjustments do wonders.

FDA Approves PEMF Devices

 Since 1979, FDA has approved pulsed electromagnetic devices for curing nonunion fractures. Later in 1998, FDA approval for muscle stimulation and in 2004 for cervical fusion further authenticated the efficacy of the devices. The story does not end here. The therapy also earned recognition for treatment of depression in 2004 and brain cancer in 2011. Till now FDA has put electromagnetic equipment in category two wellness devices.

The Devices Provide the Fourth Important Component Of Nature

Food, water, sun, atmosphere, and earth are the vital components of nature, indispensable for the existence of human life. These miraculous devices are an amazing source of inducing the earth’s electromagnetic radiation to your body. That’s why NASA was the first to use the devices for maintaining the health of astronauts.

PEMF Devices Use Electricity and Magnetism for Medical Purpose

The devices create energy fields to trigger tissue and bone repair. Jumpstart the healing process through electromagnetic induction. And the current moves throughout your body from tissues, cells, cell membranes, nucleus, and genes to produce variations.

The Machines Help To Maintain Cell Health

Numerous factors determine your optimal cell health. The minerals, vitamins, hormones, pH, and the removal of toxins are crucial for cell health. Besides, a healthy cell needs to have a negative charge externally. How do cells maintain this balance? They contain magnesium and potassium inside and calcium and sodium outside. PEMF helps to achieve balance.

The Devices are Equally Effective For Animals

Believe it or not! Horses were the first beneficiaries of the therapy. Vets used the radiation to heal fractures in animals.

The Devices Provide a Drug-Free Solution to Pain

Tired of chronic pain! Replace your painkillers with pulsed electromagnetic devices. These instruments not only suppress the pain sensation but also address the root causes that originate it. Inflammation is the pain-causing agent. The booze of electromagnetic radiations enhances cellular healing, regeneration and fights body inflammation.

The First PEMF Machine Was Cumbersome

Nowadays, you can enjoy the healing powers of the pulsed electromagnetic field through a wide range of portable and wearable devices. Explore for viewing the range. However, the first electromagnetic machine was an expensive heavy huge Helmholtz coil. That required almost a room to operate.

PEMF Takes Care Of Your Mental Health

Pulsed-field applicators are equally beneficial for dealing with mental health issues through muscle stimulation. Magnetic fields reduce stress, relax your nerves and muscles and cure the damages of stress on your body.

PEMF Devices Are Safe

Electromagnetic devices use a frequency range that lies within the body safety zone. The non-ionizing radiation is harmless for your body.


If you are feeling apprehensive about using PEMF equipment, the above facts will help to clear your doubts. The devices provide an easy solution to your physical and mental ailments. Visit for a better description of the devices.

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