8 Great Tools That Can Help You Learn to Write Your Essay

February 20th, 2019 by

8 Great Tools That Can Help You Learn to Write Your Essay

Lack of motivation to write your essay and other written assignments? Writing is hard especially if you are not good at it. Many students who struggle with their writing often think about hiring cheap essay writers to delegate their challenging tasks to them and relieve stress.

Modern business communication is based on writing so strong writing skills are important for success in your future career but it takes time and a lot of practice to become a strong writer. It’s important to master the art of writing while you are a student if you want to land a well-paid job.

Luckily, there are plenty of good online tools and resources that will help you stay motivated and learn to make your essays perfect. Actually, there are so many useful resources out there so it can be overwhelming to choose the best options. Here are some of the tools that make learning writing skills easier and more fun. You can choose some tools that are most suitable for you and take advantage of using them.


Lack of interesting ideas for your essays? This mind map tool can help you while brainstorming. You will be able to better structure and organize your ideas and concepts. You can use it to generate new ideas and better remember them. You will be able to create and edit mind maps and share them with other people. The tool works well on desktop and mobile devices.


It’s also a tool for creating mind maps and organizing your ideas. It allows to create unlimited mind maps for your presentations and outlines for your essays and store them in the cloud. Then you can easily get access to your files from anywhere. It’s possible to save your mind maps to Google Drive and publish them on social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. You can also add icons and images to your mind maps to provide illustrations and context.

Google Scholar

It’s actually one of the best online databases for doing research on any topic. If you need new information for your essay, you are sure to find it in Google Scholar that serves as an archive for thousands of scientific articles in different fields. All you have to do is just type a keyword related to the topic of your research.


It’s a very popular online tool that can help you write better. You can type, paste or download your text, and the app will identify 400+ most common grammar mistakes and will instantly correct them. It will also help you fix spelling and punctuation errors. Additionally, you can use the premium account to improve the word choice with vocabulary suggestions and detect plagiarism. Grammarly is a must-have tool for all writers.


It’s one of the best editing tools that can help you improve readability of your essays and learn intricacies of a good writing style. This app is easy to use. You only have to paste the text of your essay, and the tool will immediately analyze it. The app will highlight all the areas that need improvement – complex and lengthy sentences, complicated words, overuse of adjectives, and passive voice. It highlights different errors in different colors so you will easily notice them. If you follow the suggestions, you will be able to improve your writing style and make your content more clear. You can also download a desktop version of this helpful tool and use it offline. If you use this tool on a regular basis, it will help you improve your editing and proofreading skills and grow as a writer.

Cliché Finder

It’s a free tool for writers that can help you avoid clichés in your essays and papers and make them attractive to your readers. It’s vital for any piece to be unique and original. If you use a lot of words and phrases that are commonly used by writers, you will fail to attract your reader’s interest. This tool will detect clichés in your documents, and you will be able to edit them and improve the quality of your writing.


It’s a popular tool that can help you organize your thoughts and store your notes in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Using this high-level text editor, you will be able to write essays, edit your drafts, and format them. You will be able to store all your files in one place so they won’t be lost. You can work with your files using different devices. The app has plenty of other useful features as well – you can create to-do lists, make quick notes, attach audio files or images to your notes. But many of these great features are available only for premium users.


It’s a free online reference manager, but at this website, you can also find a lot of other useful things you may need in the course of studies.  You will be able to search sources for writing your papers, organize the information that you have gathered, cite your sources at one place, store your data in the cloud, and share them with other members of this academic social network. You will be able to access your data from anywhere using different devices and collaborate with other researchers from all around the world who use this network. You can find researchers from every scientific field and learn important news in your field of studies.