Best Ways to Work with Your Physician Recruiter

June 15th, 2021 by

Best Ways to Work with Your Physician Recruiter

For many physicians looking for a new job, working together with a physician recruiter can be an excellent opportunity to find what they are looking for. If you are a physician, you may already have been offered services by some recruiting firms and are considering your options. People in the same field as you may also have given recommendations for agencies that have provided them with excellent service and opened up doors that allowed their careers to take off and flourish. On the other hand, some may not have had the most pleasant experience with the recruiter they worked with.

While you may think that the healthcare recruiting firm you are dealing with can be trusted when you first meet with them, you still need to be careful with whom you work. You may have read positive reviews about them, which is the best way to narrow down your options. Just the same, it would help to talk to physicians you know and find out more about their recommended recruiters. Professional recruiters ensure that they find the most suitable placement for you, one that you and your potential employer will be satisfied with. Here are some ways to work with a physician recruiter and get the services you need.

List down questions you need to ask

You will indeed have some questions you want to be answered when you start talking to a recruiter. Although you think that you can wing it and remember everything you need to ask, you might leave out something during the whole process. Do not think twice about asking questions. If you feel that you do not understand certain details, there is no reason why you shouldn’t ask. A professional recruiter should be able to respond appropriately and provide you with whatever information you need. If not, you can start re-thinking your options.

Ensure that your CV is not distributed without notifying you first

Your privacy is of utmost importance and a recruitment agency should respect that. They should find something that meets your approval and not send off your personal information everywhere with the hopes of matching you to the right employer. The problem with sending out your CV all over is that it makes you look like you are in desperate need of a job, which does nothing to build up your reputation as a physician. You could be at the losing end when you start negotiating with employers feeling that you would accept much less because of your desperation to work.

Keep lines of communication open with your recruiter

Always keep in mind that the position you are hoping to fill has other applicants waiting. Thus, you must keep your lines of communication open. Should they call you, make yourself available to take those calls. If you are unavailable at the moment, make sure that you get back to them at the soonest possible time. Delays in responses can mean a lost opportunity, with other applicants ready to respond.

A professional physician recruiter should be able to match you with a suitable employer. You should also do your part to get the job you have always wanted.