Helping Your House to Be a Home

October 7th, 2019 by

Helping Your House to Be a Home

When you first move into a new home, it can be perfectly acceptable to feel a little strange about it. After all, the old memories you made in your previous place are long gone, even if you just moved down the street. While you may have swapped neighborhoods, and you may have gone a long distance, it’s always going to smack of having some serious differences between the old place and the new one. In any case, the change can emotionally hit you pretty hard.

The thing is home is a state of personal power and control. When you really feel as if you’ve made the place your own, you can really start to enjoy the place as your own. The process of doing all of this begins with how you move in, where you decide to put all of your things, and how you end up decorating the place. When you know someone who’s moving in, it’s only natural to want to help them based on the preferences you know they have.

Visual Textures

There are two types of textures in this world the tactile and the visual. With these textures, you can make a place look and feel just the way you want it to. The trick is to balance these textures in a way that allows each surface to look just lively enough without it becoming too busy, while still helping it to physically feel enjoyable to the touch. This enjoyment can be had in a lot of ways, but it starts with the visual aspect.

Does the person who’s making the decor choices like a very high-energy environment? A woven cloth throw blanket is a great accent that can add just enough energy to an area, only without adding so much energy that it contributes to clutter or an anxiety attack when a person walks into the room.

Portable Design Choices

In most cases, designers like to indicate that an odd number of objects on a table is just the right number. But then, this naturally assumes that each object is a fairly small one since tables tend to be small enough for handheld objects. In the cases of your furniture, the fact that pillows tend to come in evenly numbered sets can make a situation of too much symmetry. While it’s rare for symmetry to get out of hand, it can become disorienting.

The trick when it involves decorating with small objects is that you want to make sure everything is easy enough to move around, and that there are enough things off-center to keep the eye moving slowly around the room. Visual movement is essential, and it involves a lot of small tweaks over time. Decorating a room is never going to be a static effort, and this effort needs to include room for some evolution as you live in the room. This is why having things like throw blankets that are easy to move around can help a lot.