Making the Most of the Devices that You Have to Own

November 14th, 2019 by

Making the Most of the Devices that You Have to Own

It seems like everyone needs a fleet of devices to get by day-to-day, with smartphones being essential, tablets being much more user-friendly and powerful versions of smartphones, and laptops or desktops often being key to completing important tasks in your work and home life.

At least one of these is bound to be a necessity in your life, and while their primary tasks will be for communications, advanced work tasks, or reading the news and doing research, they have many other uses as well. If the device is your own you don’t need to only use it for its primary task as there is a slew of interesting and entertaining things that you can access or install.

Now, while you already know that app stores and the internet at large presents a huge range of these additional apps and websites, you may not know which are among the best simply due to the number available. Here, we’re going to break down a great bit of software available on smartphones, tablets, and computers to help you make the most of your must-have devices.

Android: Customise your smartphone

Android Customise your smartphone

It used to be that one of the first things that anyone would do with their new phone would be to change the wallpaper. While most smartphones come with responsive wallpapers as a standard these days, to make sure that you have a unique and aesthetically pleasing background, you should turn to the Walli app.

Curated by the app’s team, the specialized smartphone wallpaper app features designs from artists from all over the world. It doesn’t simply collect designers from around the internet: the app itself is a creative space for the artists. The app pays artists whose designs are downloaded, encouraging the creation of more stunning backgrounds for your smartphone.

iPad: Make the most of the bigger, better screen

iPad Make the most of the bigger, better screen

While some dismiss them as merely being larger smartphones, anyone who owns a tablet – particularly an iPad – knows how powerful they are and how useful they can be for their specialist apps. While the App Store and Apple devices are mighty, they don’t have a built-in way to expand memory like Android devices do, which is why space-saving apps like Infuse 6 have become so popular.

The bigger and better screen of an iPad is perfect for entertainment on the go, and this video player app is the perfect companion. With Infuse 6 installed on your iPad, you can gain access to your video library instead of downloading it all onto your device. So, if you have a large movie collection, you can remotely copy over the ones that you want when you want them using the very user-friendly interface.

Computer: Explore the quick gaming options

Computer Explore the quick gaming options

Everyone knows about the gaming options available on platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store, but buying, downloading, and installing games onto your computer may prove to be troublesome. Instead, many people turn to the ever-growing space of iGaming, where you can play hundreds of games through any web browser on a platform like Dunder or LeoVegas.

Online slot games are always among the most popular titles on any platform as their gameplay is simple, and the aesthetics are appealing. There are games to cover all themes and genres, and you can even get bonus spins that require no deposit, meaning that the gaming comes completely free of charge.

While these expensive devices are needed for more important tasks in your life, be sure to make the most of them by exploring the other apps and platforms that they grant you access to.