Is There Such A Thing As The Healthiest Tea?

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Is There Such A Thing As The Healthiest Tea?

Tea Benefits: Jasmine, ginger, and peppermint; which would you consider the healthiest of them all? Well, truth is, there isn’t one particularly better to the rest as they are all quite beneficial to the body. You will be hard-pressed to find a type with all the benefits, which is just as good because now you get to taste as many types as you can find. This healthy teas to drink top resource will give you additional information in case you’ll need more information after reading this great article.

White tea is usually considered to have the highest levels of antioxidants, and for that reason, the best at fighting free radicals.  Jasmine, green, and black teas are not too far behind with their antioxidant profile, but they all come after white tea.

Some – actually most – teas have caffeine in them, with these levels varying from tea to tea. We respond to caffeine differently, which is why some people will complain of tea drunkenness.

Can you get Drunk from Tea?

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Not everyone can handle caffeine and so some people will experience euphoric feelings or lightheadedness when they consume too much tea. In extreme cases, some people will complain of shaking, nausea, and dizziness, reactions normally associated with excess caffeine.

The effects from tea drunkenness are both positive and negative, and they wear off quickly. If you don’t like the philosophical feeling, you can speed up recovery by drinking lots of water.

Common Benefits of Tea


While tea has been thought to dehydrate the body, thanks to the caffeine in it, a study concluded otherwise. You may actually derive the same benefits from drinking six cups of tea as you would downing a liter of water. Hydration here is in addition to other benefits that come from tea drinking.

Weight Management:

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Being a zero-calorie drink, tea will help you manage your weight. This is mostly the case when you don’t add any sugar to the tea or milk to the tea. It also easily takes the place of processed juices when you sweeten it with a little honey.

Heart Health:

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Both black and green tea have been associated with a healthier heart. Green tea, especially, is said to be great for cardiovascular health due to the antioxidant flavonoids that it packs. A cup a day could reduce the chances of stroke and other heart related illnesses that are becoming increasingly common these days.

Load up on Antioxidants:

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Oxidants are the body’s version of rust and so they make us age faster and appear sickly. They generate quite quickly too and the only way to manage them is through consuming meals and drinks rich in antioxidants that fight them. White tea carries lots of them and so a cup a day will do you some good.

Moderation is Key

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While tea is a good thing, one needs to enjoy it in moderation. Most people consume up to 5 cups of tea every day and they are in topnotch health. This frequency is okay and even recommended for the various benefits, but you may want to cap it at those five cups. More than this will lead to you overdosing on caffeine since some types contain small doses of the stimulant.

So, what gives tea those amazing benefits?

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In one word, flavonoids. Compounds known as catechins and epicatechins are reportedly the reason why tea is so beneficial and they are part of plant chemicals called flavonoids. These chemicals help reduce inflammation, which goes on to reduce plaque buildup in arteries. Green tea is known to have a larger amount of flavonoids than any other tea. Even the healthiest tea has small amounts of caffeine. A typical 8-ounce cup of tea will have between 20 and 45 milligrams of caffeine. Not as much as what you find in coffee, but still come reasonable levels.

The Healthiest way to have your Tea

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Less Sugar, More Natural Flavoring

Sugar is an enemy of progress. While it doesn’t necessarily take the gains away from your tea, a teaspoon adds 15-20 calories which most of us don’t need. So, instead of ruining a perfectly good cup of tea with sugar, how about adding a lemon wedge for a twist in taste or ginger? Cinnamon works great too.

More Vitamins

While that lemon wedge adds a little flavor, it also packs vitamin C, which increases iron absorption to take care of blood deficiency. What a way to add value to an already amazing drink?

Low-fat Milk

While milk adds calories to your tea, it also brings some flavor, makes it easy to drink without sweetening, and also contributes to your daily intake of dairy for calcium, protein, and vitamin D. You want to ensure the milk is either plant-based or skimmed.

So many ways to add value to your tea! How do you like yours?

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