Creating your streaming empire

February 25th, 2020 by

Creating your streaming empire

The way in which we access the programmes and games that entertain us has seen massive changes in recent years. Streaming of programmes and games has become second nature but how do you create your own streaming empire.

Way back it used to be the case that we had no choice but to wait until a television programme was due to be shown. Miss it and you were in deep trouble but then everything began to change. First it was the arrival of video recorders and then the ability to record and store programmes on your television. All of this created a situation when we could watch programmes when we wanted to.

The introduction of the internet has seen even more changes. To watch our favourite programmes, we can just join a streaming service such as Netflix. Amazon Prime Video or Britbox. With Disney Plus soon to launch, it’s common place now to spend an evening watching whole series in one night. Streaming services such as Netflix don’t just show films and tv shows, they are making their own and doing rather well too.

New streaming services are now opening almost every week. Not that many are going to end up as big as Netflix, but they can be successful if finding an audience.  That’s an important area to consider, especially because of the wide range of subjects that can be covered.

What has become significant is the fact that streaming isn’t just restricted to those with big budgets. Thanks to services such as Twitch, it is possible for anyone to go out and set up their own streaming service and use it to make money too.

Twitch has been a great asset for those who wish to start their own streaming service. It was launched in 2011 and millions of people head to the site every day. A healthy figure indeed and the hope is that as many of them as possible will make their way to what you have to offer. Whether it is gaming, food and drink, sport, travel, music or talk shows, there is a place for it at Twitch

YouTube is another area where you can make big money. You can be giving your opinions on everything from the latest Doctor Who series to life in general. Building up a following is the main aim, who knows you could become so popular that you end up on Strictly Come Dancing. That might not be your initial intention, but it is possible to find fame and fortune thanks to your YouTube channel. Be careful though as using copyrighted material can see you end up in deep trouble and have your account closed.

With so much available to those who visit the sites, it is not an easy task to go out and produce something that will attract a good-sized audience. The more people you can get watching your stream, the better particularly if you are looking to get your hands on some advertising revenue. Choosing a subject that plenty of people are talking about is a good idea but again there are plenty of others trying to make money

Producing something has a different way of approaching a popular subject is advisable. It is important to show your audience that you are taking this seriously. Putting an original logo on the screen is one way of illustrating the fact that you really mean business and aren’t just doing this as a hobby.

Becoming an affiliate is one way of making some good money from your streaming service. Companies that have products to sell and one way of doing that is to use affiliates to promote their services. Using your streaming service to do this can be very profitable. It all depends on how good a job you do of promoting a particular product.

For example, if you are interested in the online gambling business, you could find yourself promoting welcome bonuses. This is an important area to cover and another one that is highly competitive. Online casinos use welcome offers to attract new customers to their site. Becoming an affiliate of an online casino can see your stream being used to explain to viewers the details about the welcome offer.

This could be anything from an offer of free spins on slot games or a 100% matched deposit. Explaining just how good the offer can be will hopefully lead to your customers going to the site and registering with them, thus earning you revenue.