Starting Your New Life After a Divorce: A Guide

October 4th, 2021 by

Starting Your New Life After a Divorce: A Guide

Getting divorced is a huge life moment. It’s a milestone, just as getting married was. Your life changes a great deal after finalizing your divorce with your legal team, and this is the type of change that can be overwhelming, even as the relief of finishing your legal battle is washing over you. As such, it’s worth taking stock and considering how you’re going to live life as a newly divorced person. That’s what this guide’s all about: helping you get the most out of your latest big life change.

Objectives and Goals 

When you’re married, your goals and objectives are always in some way entwined with those of your spouse. Sometimes, this can be healthy, like working to get onto the property ladder together. Sometimes, it can be a little suffocating and limiting to your own personal development. In the weeks after your divorce is finalized, you’ll have the time to set new goals and think through new objectives – and this time, they’ll be completely personal to you. You’ll come to enjoy and relish this sense of autonomy, but you need to think through what you want from the coming months and years in order to get there.

Emotional Rest 

A divorce is rarely free of drama. That’s not to say that all divorces are messy: many are in fact very amicable and mutual. But when money, assets and children are involved in a settlement, there are plenty of opportunities for tempers to run high and for civil ex-partners to become emotional. Over weeks of disputing, this can become emotionally exhausting. It’s therefore recommended that you take a short break after the conclusion of your divorce settlement, to help you to recharge and reset.

Review Your Budget 

Your finances are going to look different after your divorce. Part of the divorce process is to ensure that you’re not left destitute or in financial difficulties following your divorce. But your financial health will look different, and it’s responsible and important that you take stock of where you’re at with your budget, your assets, and your estate. Check this handy list of things to do after you have a divorce decree in order to learn how and why it’s important to get on top of your personal finances as soon after your divorce as possible.


Last on the list is something that’ll be personal and different to each and every person who has been through the process of getting a divorce. Reconnecting is a general way of describing getting back in touch with the things that matter most to you. You should reconnect with family and friends. You should reconnect with hobbies and interests. Though it may sound a little cliche, you should attempt to reconnect with yourself, too. You have many years ahead of you to carve out a brand new life, based on all you’ve learned about yourself to date. Make the most of it by reconnecting to all that matter most to you.

After the divorce process, many people feel exhausted and relieved. In this article, we’ve shown you how to rest, reset and reconnect ahead of the next wonderful chapter of your life.

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