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Say Goodbye to Winter: Fashion Tips for Spring

At last, you can open a window and let the soft spring breeze into your home. Old man winter is finally taking his leave of absence. But are you ready for the warmer weather? When was the last time you bought something without down feathers or fleece in the lining?

This winter has been a long one. You might forget what it feels like to have a sweet golden sunshine beam down on your face. You want to be prepared with the appropriate clothing to enjoy seasonal activities, such as attending outdoor picnics or taking that first evening stroll without a jacket. Check out our list of essential spring fashions that will keep you feeling fresh as you adjust to the warmer temperatures.

A Denim Jacket

Do you know those days when it’s not quite warm enough for a coat but also not cool enough to go without some extra layer? Those are the days when you need a light denim jacket to throw over your shoulders. Not only is a denim jacket the ultimate in timeless fashion, but it’s also a perfect material for those cooler, damp days of spring. You can wear a denim jacket with almost any outfit — whether it’s casual or formal. Find a denim shade that suits your style, such as grey, dark, or acid wash. The right jean jacket will fit you like a glove, and you’ll wear it with everything you own. For the fashionistas out there, the hot denim jacket trend for 2021 is to wear them baggier and looser.

Cotton T-shirts Galore

Nothing beats the comfort of a cotton t-shirt. Cotton fabric is breathable and soft; you can wear it on warm or cool days, and it’s the perfect item to wear under sweaters and sweatshirts. Did you know that you could customize your t-shirts with personalized screen-printed designs? Find a trusted screen-printing company that provides bulk custom t shirts so you can order dozens at a time. Why not order some for your friends, too? Upload handmade or found designs to make your very own personalized t-shirts. Instead of wearing the same boring shirts over and over, you’ll have something fresh and exciting to put on every day of the week!

A Knitted Cardigan

Another excellent layering piece is a knitted cardigan. Cardigans are great because you can take them on or off, depending on the temperature. They also match nearly everything in your closet — from a t-shirt and jeans to an evening gown. This year brings a broad range of cardigan styles. If you’re style is a little more on the daring side, you’ll be happy to know that the Bohemian look is back with a vengeance. Oversized with large pockets and without much structure is the trend for spring 2021.

A Cute Beret

Berets aren’t for everyone, but they’re effortlessly stylish. You can turn any outfit into a chic one with a simple beret. The great thing about them is that they come in so many different materials and colours. You’ll find wool, silk, cotton, even leather berets! So, depending on your mood or the weather, you can switch up your look.

Spring has officially sprung. Use these fashion tips to help stylize your wardrobe and get ready to soak up the sun.


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