Top Spa Equipment Your Spa Center Must Have

March 17th, 2020 by

Top Spa Equipment Your Spa Center Must Have

There are different reasons why customers frequent your spa. While the cost of the service and customer service are big factors to retain customers, you shouldn’t ignore your spa equipment. The success of your business may depend on the kind of equipment you have for your spa.

Have you ever visited a spa center and decided to never go to that spa ever again? This happens a lot, especially if the service is bad. But did you know that this also happens because spa customers don’t like the low-grade and off-shoot equipment? If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you must make sure to use top spa equipment for your spa center.

Why does your spa need to have top spa equipment?

For first time customers, first impressions last. If they visit your spa, you need to make sure you can satisfy their needs, so they will want to visit your spa again. What do first-time customers expect to get when they visit your spa? What kind of spa centers have they already been to? Is your spa center any better than the others? As a spa owner, these are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Let’s say your spa center is one of the best in terms of services and costs. What will set your center apart? That’s right – it’s your spa equipment. If your customers already love the services you provide them with, the next step is to make them want to come back next time. The feel is immediate, and your customers will know the difference between top equipment versus cheap ones.

Top spa equipment your spa center must have

To help you step up your game, below are top spa equipment you should have for your spa center:

Tanning beds and booths

These will never go out of style, as every customer wants a sun-kissed glow, especially when it’s already time to say goodbye to your winter clothes. They are perfect for any spa center since they can fit neatly in a room by themselves. They offer ultra-modern technology to provide your customers with a safe way for a fast tan. You can easily train your staff on how to use these, compared to the older equipment, many spa centers still use.

Massage tables

When providing spa services, modern body and facial massage tables are important. Today, massage tables offer a lot of benefits to your customers. They are designed to fold into several different positions, such as flatbed types, waxing tables, and facial massage tables.

There are two types of massage tables: entry-level and professional tables. The entry-level tables are very affordable, but if your purpose is to grow your business and keep more customers, choose high-quality professional tables instead. Not only are they stronger, but they’re also more durable.

Cryotherapy chambers

Cryotherapy is a type of therapy that uses low temperatures to treat lesions, reducing the muscle pain caused by swelling or tissue damage. There are two options when it comes to choosing a cryotherapy chamber, and these are:

  • Whole-body cryotherapy chambers – they cover your customers from head to toe. Once they’re in the chamber, they cannot be seen.
  • Partial body cryotherapy chambers – these are the most popular chambers, and many spa centers use them. They don’t cover your customers’ heads, so they can breathe normally during the cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy has taken spa-goers by storm, and you know they love it. However, when choosing between the two, you should consider the experience you want your customers to have. What do you think will they love more?

Multi-functional chairs advancements

This may sound like a no-brainer, but the latest items on the market are one of the best new advanced chairs. Choosing multi-functional chairs for your spa isn’t as easy as it seems because you have to choose between chairs for a mani-pedi, chairs for hair, and chairs for facial treatments. Don’t you think your customers will love it if they can have different treatments while using the same chair?

Float tanks and hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy and float tanks are beautiful, top spa equipment that offer an advanced relaxation experience to your customers. With their state-of-the-art beds that produce water effects and aromatherapy stimulation, your customers can experience the finest in health benefits and relaxation.

Float tanks have become so popular now, and part of it is because it includes body salt treatments for relaxation. A lot of people love the peace of mind and relief they experienced during the float. Using them for your spa will benefit you and your customers!

How to choose the best equipment for your spa

Below are some tips to ensure you’re choosing the best, top spa equipment for your spa center:

  1. Think about your customers. What do you want them to experience as they avail of your services?
  2. Be an informed shopper. When shopping, ask the manufacturers to provide information so you can make a better decision. If they can’t provide you what you need, try to contact their customer service via phone or e-mail. Otherwise, just take your business elsewhere.
  3. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find manufacturers who offer financing options so you can afford the equipment. Investing in high-quality spa equipment will pay off in the long run, since you won’t have to replace them as frequently as you would cheaper equipment, and your customers will feel more comfortable.
  4. Look at the warranties and guarantees. Some manufacturers offer a 30 to 60-day warranty, while others offer one to two years.
  5. Don’t be stingy. We know that your budget matters, but think about the long-term results. How often will you need to replace the equipment?

When it comes to choosing top spa equipment, you can’t have the ones that will quit on you after three months. These are the most important items in your spa center, so make sure you only choose the best. Life is too short – don’t buy cheap spa equipment. Shop at Spa Source now!