Make a Mirror TV: Fast & Easy Instructions

June 30th, 2020 by

Make a Mirror TV: Fast & Easy Instructions

Overview: –

Technology in recent times has grown exponentially when compared with a few years ago. People across the world have transformed various household stuff into something amazing with the help of technology. One such thing is a Mirror TV.

In simple words, a Mirror TV is an integration of a mirror and a television. Mirror TVs are certainly used to save space or to act as a style statement to their homes. Mirror TVs can be easily merged into interior designs that can function with smart homes.

Gecey’s Mirror TV is among the best Mirror TVs available on the internet. People who are looking to decorating their homes with some interesting technologies, Gecey’s Mirror TV can be an amazing choice to be added in the cart. For people who want wants to make their DIY Mirror TV, we have gathered all the information that you would need to make a Mirror TV quickly and easily.  

Materials required to make a DIY Mirror TV: –

People often misjudge that making a Mirror TV is a work of Highly knowledgeable technician, but in reality, it is not. It is quite simple to make a DIY Mirror TV at home. All you need is a flat-screen TV, a semi-transparent mirror, a wall mount bracket for those who wish to place their TV on a wall, and a frame. 

In case you want to skip over the hard work and directly buy one, Gecey’s Mirror TV provides you the best in class products that will light up your house. Without any further ado, let us see how to make a Mirror TV.

Simple steps to make a DIY Mirror TV: –

  1. Measure and Cut: –

The first thing you need to do is measure all the sides of your flat-screen TV. This makes it easy to cut the wood to make a frame. All the sides, that include top, bottom, sides, as well as the thickness of the TV, needs to be measured. Once done, cut the frame for the TV accordingly with accurate lengths. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes or else your frame won’t be able to hold the TV properly.

Let us consider a TV with dimensions 43” x 27”. For this, we would need to cut two frames each of 47” and 31” to fit the TV perfectly and act as a decor frame.

  1. Putting the frame together: –

Once all the frame pieces are cut, the next step is to put them all together along with the TV. This will allow you to get the idea of whether the frames are perfectly fitting or not. If it does, then you would need a glass that is of the same dimensions. Now stick all the frame pieces with either glue or nails and hammer. If you use glue, make sure to hold them together with the help of clamps so that they stick together nicely.  

  1. Adding a mirror to the structure: –

After the frame and TV are put together, now you need to build up the glass that acts as a mirror. To do so, you need to add the reflecting material on the glass. You can either use a reflecting sheet and stick it on the glass or you can use mirror spray that will make one side of the glass act as a mirror. 

After you make the mirror, you need to place it in front of the TV. Make sure it is placed close to the screen so that it gives good picture quality. 

  1. The final additions and set-up: –

You can either place this structure in a showcase or a table or you can mount it on a wall. People who want to mount their Mirror TV on the wall must use a hinge or a wall mount. This is the time where your Mirror TV is all set. Now you need to plug in all the wires and enjoy the awesomeness of your Mirror TV.

Conclusion: –

These are some very easy steps that might help you to build your DIY Mirror TV. Although this looks very simple, it might cost you some significant amount to make it perfect. The best alternative is to skip the difficult work and buy one Mirror TV from Gecey’s Mirror TV. All the types of Mirror TVs here are very good and very affordable.