How to Tell That You Have a Sleep Disorder

September 11th, 2020 by

How to Tell That You Have a Sleep Disorder

Do you have a difficult time trying to sleep? Sometimes, everyone has difficulties sleeping. However, if you having a challenge sleeping, it means that you have a possible sleep disorder. There are various warning signs that you should pay attention to and get a solution to the sleep disorder struggle that you are facing. Below are some of the symptoms that you can experience, to help you tell if you have a sleep disorder, and you can contact a sleep therapist immediately.

Too tired even after sleeping 

Are you always tired, even after you have had enough sleep? You may have a sleep disorder that you are not aware of. A sign that is too obvious is when you sleep the maximum eight hours, and when you wake up you are exhausted and you feel groggy all the time. Even when you sleep in a comfortable sleepy’s mattress and beddings and you have a conducive environment but you are still sleepy. So, if you are the type that wonders why you feel tired always. Consult a sleep therapist. If you find yourself sleepy after sleeping the whole night, there is something that is causing your brain and body from entering into deep and restorative levels of sleep. Since the body should alternate between light and deep sleep in a normal sleep cycle.

You have another medical condition 

If you have an underlying condition that keeps you up all night, this could be a possible sleep disorder. If you have a chronic illness and you constantly have mysterious symptoms that keep you up and alert, this is a sign that you have a sleep disorder. It is obvious that when you are dealing with certain health issues like illness, depression, and chronic pain, you will have a difficult time falling asleep well. Additionally, conditions like restless legs syndrome, their symptoms become worse at night. When you have such conditions, they tend to perpetuate each other, so do not take your sleep problems for granted. Contact your doctor to get further help.

Your partner tells you to stop breathing when sleeping

Has your partner ever told you that you snore too loud and even stop breathing at times when sleeping? Then you may have a possible sleep disorder. Although a lot of people find snoring to be normal and harmless as well. However, it could be a warning sign of sleep apnea. That is life-threatening, and it is best to consult your doctor on the best treatment for your sleep apnea disorder or ensure that your snoring is checked.

You have trouble falling asleep 

Do you have trouble falling asleep most times or you are not getting a restful sleep often? If you have been going through this for at least a few weeks or more. You may have a sleep disorder. This could be insomnia or any other. Unfortunately, people suffering from insomnia rarely seek help from doctors as they just assume that it should be that way. Others think that insomnia will just go away by itself or they can get a way that will help them sleep fast with the many hacks going around online. So, when a sleep problem gets to be chronic, the brain retrains itself to not signal your body to sleep when it should. Thus, you should visit a sleep therapist to get the right advice.

You doze during the day 

If you find yourself nodding off during the day or you have a constant urge to sleep during the day. There is a possibility that you have a sleep disorder. Although it is normal to feel tired after you had less sleep at night. When you find yourself sleeping a lot during the day get help from a sleep therapist. Also, falling asleep at the wheel, for instance, can indicate the same.

In summary, there are many ways that you can tell you have a sleep disorder. However, to be sure it is best to visit a sleep therapist that will diagnose if you have a sleep disorder. If you can relate to any of the above tell-tale signs, you may have a sleep issue that should be checked early.