The Right Order For Your Daytime Skincare Routine

March 11th, 2020 by

The Right Order For Your Daytime Skincare Routine

A lot of us try their best to take care of their skin. So, why do most of them fail? The key reason for this is they do not know the order of application of the skincare products. And unfortunately, this order is what makes all the difference.

The Sequence Matters

According to dermatologists and skin experts across the world, to receive maximum benefit from any skincare product, it is important to ensure that you use it in the right order. The primary job of our skin is to keep things out. However, there are some important elements in the skincare products that we want to penetrate deep into our skin. It might be surprising for you to know, but even if you put it all right, only a small amount of it will go deep in the skin. Thus, if you don’t follow the right order, you might not see the best results, despite using the best products.

Step by Step Guide to Layer your Skin Care products

Sonia, who offers online write my essay for me services, says that the easy rule of thumb to understand the order is to apply the products that have the thinnest consistency and then move to the products with the thickest, or from liquid to oil. Now, though thin to thick is the right order, there might be some products whose ingredients you wish to penetrate deep into the skin like the antioxidants present in the serum, so you need to apply these first. Then you can finish off with the products that you want to sit on top of your skin.

Daytime Routine for Skin Care

Your morning skincare routine is primarily about protection from the pollution, sun, and harmful elements. So, all your treatment products and the peel pads, such as retinol, have to be left for the night.

The order

Step 1 – Cleanser

You can simply wash your face with lukewarm water or use a gentle cleanser.

Step 2 – Toner

A lot of people tend to skin toners primarily because they are harsh and sometimes irritate the skin. But toners are important since they tend to offer the requisite antioxidants, toning acids, and the vitamin B derivatives to our skin.

Step 3 – Antioxidant Serum

Maria, who offers online statistics homework helpsays that antioxidant serums are designed to address a few specific issues of our skin. Thus, you need to try and keep them as close to the skin as possible. You can find a multitude of serums in the market today, buy one that neutralizes the damage of environmental pollutants and the harmful UV rays.

Step 4 – Eye Cream

For all of us, it is important to apply a quality eye cream at night. It should be twice a day for everyone over the age of 20. The eye cream helps maintain the thickness and the health of the skin of the eyelid. It also improves skin quality around the area.

Step 5 – Spot Treatment

Spot or acne treatment serums must be applied as close to the skin as possible to avail the best benefits. Since most of these treatments vary in ingredients, you should check the packaging or consult a dermatologist before any application. Since these treatments have a drying effect, you should only apply to the areas you have spots.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Irrespective of your skin type, you need a moisturizer. A good moisturizer will add a protective coating on your skin and protect it from the infections and the outside conditions. Your skin needs hydration, so do not skip this step, ever.

Step 7: Sunscreen

The last step in your daytime skincare routine is the sunscreen. Pick one that physically blocks the UV rays.

So, do follow the stated order, and you can see incredible results on your skin.