Skincare + Write For Us = Guest Blogger And Writer For Inkbeau Blog!

March 12th, 2020 by

Skincare + Write For Us = Guest Blogger And Writer For Inkbeau Blog!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Inkbeau, the one-stop for your answer to becoming a skincare blogger.

Inkbeau is a realm of makeup, fashion, beauty, hairstyle, skincare, health & wellness, and technology, where you can take part in as a guest blog writer. The above title says it all – skincare + write for us!

Basically, we are here to embrace more talented and skillful people who want to flourish in the field of writing. If you are the one who wants to share your ideas, experiences, and experiments on skincare, then please come ahead and join us at the Inkbeau blog! We value that you want to join us as a community.

We believe that sharing is caring, so help us build up a greater and better community by spreading your practices and rituals for the skin.

Our Global Alexa Rank is 257,611, hence help yourself get known. Let’s grow with Inkbeau!

It’s not that tough to work with us. It’s just you got to follow a few guidelines, and you are ready to go! Please continue reading to know more about skincare + write for us.

Do you have skincare tips that you think could really help or benefit others who are trying to gain their skincare goals? What are they? Come on, let us know!

What We Are Looking For :

1. The skincare tips that you want to share with others.

2. Skincare tutorials.

What you have to keep in mind : 

1. Try and emphasize on –

  • Who would benefit from this tip? Suppose, someone with combination skin;
  • How does your advice help others?
  • Let the readers know all the necessities.

2. In your skincare tutorial, try to concentrate on these factors –

  • Provide minute details for your skincare tutorial.
  • You should provide step by step tutorial.
  • Providing both a before and after picture or a related HD image.
  • It is important to give the product’s name that you used.

Articles we might prefer :

1. How to remove those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads from your face?

2. Caring tips for diminishing acne.

3. Skin benefits from Neem and Turmeric.

What We Are Interested In :

1. Fresh and unique content from authentic skin specialists and skincare bloggers.

2. Original content that is not plagiarized.

What We Are Not Interested In :

1. Plagiarized content.

2. Safe and proved tips should be unboxed.

The Benefits : 

Get yourself, and your blog or suggested article on Inkbeau, and our social media channels will support your Inkbeau Guest Posts. We are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, if you need any guidance. Be a part of our

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Contribute To Our Site 

Few rules to follow before submitting :

⦁ The article must include at least 700+ words to value most to the audience and the readers.

⦁ The content must be clean and instructively detailed.

⦁ Articles having images (HD), gifs, and videos will get higher chances to get selected. These are more likely to be published.

⦁ To provide a better reading and understanding to our audience, paragraphs should not contain more than three lines.

⦁ The guest post articles must be fresh and unique. Articles that have already been published on another site will not be accepted.

⦁ Do not try to promote a product or service with your submission.

We own the right to reject or alter any content that does not follow the above guidelines.

Submission requirements :

Does your guest post or article or suggested post follow to all the above guidelines? If YES, then become our guest blogger.

The guest post to be submitted should be in word format. You can submit it to us at the following address:

You can also search for us directly by typing skincare +write for us for Inkbeau on Google.

Note – We receive a lot of requests, and we want to attend to all. We will revert to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned!