Silver Bangles for Women – The Ultimate Guide

May 22nd, 2020 by

 Silver Bangles for Women – The Ultimate Guide

For any woman who desires to be the epitome of style, silver bangles are some of the ornaments they must have in their closet. These silver pieces will gracefully support your wrists as they highlight your sense of fashion and flair. You can have everyday silver bangle pieces and some that are for those special occasions. Whatever your style is, it is always ideal to know the options available in the market.

With the right information, choosing the best silver bangles will be made easy. You will know what to get to match different outfits, be it casual or formal. Here is a comprehensive guide on the best silver bangles for women in the new decade.

Silver bangle designs for the stylish woman

Marcasite silver bangles

These are made with eye-catching rounded stones and beats to give your wrist a traditional look. You can get these types of bangles in different designs and styles. Amongst the designs, you will find thick and thin bangles, twisted bangles, zigzag bangles, and even hinged bangles. If you are in the market for a vintage silver bangle, this should be one of the designs you consider.

Engraved silver bangles

You can choose to go for an engraved sterling silver bangle with beautiful floral or tribal markings. Ensure you get it polished with silver after the engraving and marking to give it a shiny, excellent finish. Most of these engraved bangles are handcrafted to ensure the details are clear. Also, these bangles are suitable for any occasion. The floral or leaf markings are sure to give you an elegant look.

Traditional silver bangles

While these everyday round silver bangles have been in the market for generations, they are still a modern-day accessory that can be worn for any occasion. This makes them perfect for both formal or casual wear.  With these bangles, you are sure to add a stylish touch to your look. You can go for sterling silver traditional bangles made using reticulated techniques. This bangle is made with a smooth texture for added comfort.

Pendant silver bangles

The dangling pendant pieces around the bangle make this design one to look out for. This type of bangle can be handcrafted to meet your design specifications, especially for the small pendant pieces. Resembling a charm bracelet, this type of bangle is most ideal as an everyday jewelry piece that goes perfectly with casual wear.

Quote-engraved silver bangles

If you have a quote that gives you hope, you can ensure you read it every day by engraving in on a silver bangle. This is also the perfect silver bangle piece if you want to gift someone special. You can customize a quote to express your feelings. It is sure to give their wrist a fresh look.

Turquoise silver bangle

Just like the name shows, the turquoise silver bangle is characterized by turquoise marbles stones places evenly around the bangle. This is a bangle with an antique design that can be worn for any occasion, whether you need to dress up or dress down. The special silver and turquoise design is specifically ideal for that special wedding outfit.

The silver blossom bangle

This is a delicate and romantic bangle made from sterling silver characterized by blossom crafts at the front. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking for a girl’s bangle gift. The cascading blossoms give this bangle a unique and charming look.

Meenakari design silver bangle

This is another traditional style silver bangle made specifically for special occasions like weddings. It is crafted with traditional Indian artwork (Meenakari) that depicts royalty and richness. You can choose a simpler design to include art and beautiful colors or go for an all silver bangle with the elegant finish.

You can get any of these silver bangles for women in most silver jewelry stores. Ensure you only purchase from a reputable dealer to get nothing but the best.