The Classic Aging Signs: 4 Pointers to Look out For

April 9th, 2020 by

The Classic Aging Signs: 4 Pointers to Look out For

People have been searching for a fountain of youth long before the well-known adventures of Ponce DeLeon in the 1500s. We all know we’re going to get older, so we fight the signs as we find them.

By the time you see certain aging indicators, it’s too late to do anything about them. But if you know what to look for, you can slow the signs, or even prevent them completely.

Here are 4 pointers to watch for to spot the classic signs of aging.

When Age Isn’t a Number, It’s a Sign

You’ve heard the classic phrase, “You’re only as young as you feel.” While this is absolutely true for your mindset, your body is a different story.

There are certain stages that our bodies go through, from birth to puberty, then maturity. We all age. Some of us just age slower than others, either naturally or because we fight the signs.

You can still grow old gracefully while working to prevent the acceleration of gravity and the environment on your body. Watch for these four classic signs so you can delay the effects:

  1. Facial Wrinkles –

    Probably the first, and most widely known, the thing that people watch for are lines in their faces. Wrinkles are inevitably a fact of life for most of us eventually, but you can make lifestyle choices to delay them.

Smoking is a highly preventable wrinkle creator. If aging is important to you, nicotine has to go, as well as any other habit that involves moving the mouth muscles the way a cigarette does.

Other ways to prevent wrinkles by starting young include staying hydrated, eating a lot of antioxidants daily, using high-quality moisturizers from an early mature age, staying out of the sun, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding stress.

  1. Hearing Loss –

    Hearing loss can be hereditary or environmental, but you can take steps to limit the loss.

Noise-induced hearing problems are preventable by avoiding loud noises and protecting your ears at loud events and when using headphones.

Start early by getting hearing checks with a reputable company. One of the most common companies to work with is Miracle-Ear, which has been providing superior hearing health care for over seven decades.

  1. Joint and Spinal Pain –

    Back and joint pain are made fun of in aging jokes around the world. They’re a part of life. Depending on the cause of them, though, you may be able to delay this problem and enjoy a long life full of activity.

Accidents, physical defects, and health conditions cause many types of bone and joint problems. If you don’t have a reason for these concerns aside from natural aging, you can take steps to prevent the degeneration of your body.

Stay active through low-impact exercise, keep a healthy body weight for your bone structure, and eat well. Many supplements and vitamins are key to bone health, too.

  1. Discolored Skin –

    Discoloration like hyperpigmentation and age spots are usually caused by too much exposure to the sun and not enough collagen production. Vitamin A and E creams are a good way to limit the problem, but more than anything, you need to protect your skin when you go outside.

Make Your Own Fountain of Youth

 By being aware of these classic signs of aging and how to prevent them, you don’t need a magical fountain. Use nature’s ingredients and high-quality products, combined with preventative measures and healthcare professionals.

All of this together can’t stop you from getting older, but it sure can help you not look your age!