8+ Eye Catching Short Hairstyles For Older Women!

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8+ Eye Catching Short Hairstyles For Older Women!

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 60: Who said fashion is not for older women over 50? They are as much fashionable as any 16-year-old high school fashionistas.

Apart from the dressing sense and body fitness what describes fashion is the hairstyle chosen by an older woman.

Age is just a number, the pixie, bangs, shags and bob haircut for older women as flattering and enhance their charming looks and stunning beauty.

Still confused which hairstyle to use? Follow some of the most popular and straightforward short haircut for girls given below.

The Youthful Bangs:

short hair for women over 60

If anything that can be considered more youthful than trimming your hair into bangs is the fountain of youth itself.

Bangs add value to your face and also help in hiding that headline which starts from the middle of the head.

They have the power to attract everybody in the room instantly and will keep the camera focused on you.

But one should take caution because bangs require regular maintenance and a trip to the salon every four weeks in a must.

The Pixie Look:

short hairstyles for women

If there were awards given for hairstyles for 50+ women, the Pixie would get it every year.

This low maintenance and easy to wash hairstyle can show-off the best features of your face.

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The Monthly trip to the salon won’t be cumbersome as your stylist will know what to do, all the more it will be an excellent opportunity to sit and relax for a bit.

Short Haircut:

hairstyles for over 60

When it comes to giving a modern color to the classic pixie hairstyle, go for the Hip short haircut.

If you have a wavy and smooth hairline, the hip short style is what you need to show off.

Short hair curls are rolled back and set with a product will make you ever ready for every occasion.

The Shag:

hairstyles for women over 60

When it comes to showing real beauty and exuding magnificence, the classic Shag is the style for you.

From high-end parties to community functions it synchronizes with every occasion and event.

Above all the shag hairstyle suits on every type of face from the long chin and broad nose too big forehead and spiky eyes, it is a universal hairstyle.

The Demi-Bob:

haircuts for women over 60

If you are looking for flexibility and longer hair, then go for the Long Bob hairstyle.

The Bob cut has many variants and can be changed as per the face structure and occasion.

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Moreover, this hairstyle has low maintenance and does not require occasional haircuts.

The front wisps of the long bob are held back with a product can enhance your looks to make you look stunning and beautiful.

The professional Chic:

hair styles women over 60

For those who like to keep it strict and to the books look, the professional chic is their go-to hairstyle.

This hairstyle is versatile enough to convert it to various types and involves low maintenance.

With a visit to the salon every 4-6 weeks you can rock the professional chic in style.

The sporty chic:

haircuts for over 60

Another chic hairstyle but this time the focus is on sportiness.

The best feature of this haircut is that despite being short, you can do a lot with our hair.

The long tresses can be stacked up top in a rough form; any woman having any face structure can wear it.

The Asymmetrical Flair:

short haircuts for women over 60

Most importantly this hairstyle makes you look young, modern and more attractive.

The asymmetry is what makes this look unique; it also enhances your face color, the structure and has the power to build a compelling personality.

The only requirement is that this look requires a regular trip to the salon as it needs constant attention and cutting.

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