Our Favorite Shoe Trends Spotted: PFW Edition

March 17th, 2020 by

Our Favorite Shoe Trends Spotted: PFW Edition

Paris Fashion Week featured diversity and an all-inclusive crowd of fashionistas, influencers and sartorial trendsetters. In the same way masculine and feminine styles combine at home and at work, the line easily blurs between male and female footwear fashion. It can be easy to see how the styles blend so well when reviewing the trends at PFW or browsing for Lucchese boots online. Whether it’s tall motorcycle boots, ladies’ sandals designed and inspired by men’s shoes, or aggressively colorful booties, there’s a confident statement of empowerment that can be made with your choice of footgear.

Classic booties communicate a polite message of being chic, prim and proper. Today’s trends, however, show that anklets can be so much more, especially when made with printed or textured leather. Snakeskin, croc and animal booties can now proudly say “party animal,” but in a quiet and demure way. Channeling the chameleon can be a useful asset for anyone multitasking between work, fashion shows and an after-hours get-together.

Comfortable heels on booties are highly sought; women’s shoes shouldn’t be a source of excruciating pain. The trick is finding sturdy-enough anklets cut in a way that allows the heel to move naturally and without hindrance. A block support helps maintain your comfort level while remaining fashionable.

These Boots Are Made for Everything

Combining masculine with feminine styles sends out a message of mystery, confidence and strength. The tall motorcycle boots seen in the Paris streets may signal that thigh highs have outlived their moment. Save the sleek over-the-knee boots for a sultry evening out; the spring season is a time for transitioning into something new. This is a time to start looking for a pair of rare Lucchese boots online.

Lucchese boots have no need for a stiletto heel; they’re geared to deliver a much more demanding performance. Each pair is constructed with pegs to provide a solid base that provides adequate comfort to endure long hours of wear. These handcrafted boots are designed to ensure the ball of the foot receives ample support while the heels help counteract fatigue.

Boots are made for kicking through negativity and navigating through demanding tasks. Lucchese women’s boots are tough and sturdy, but they’re also fashionable. They come in an array of colors with appealing leather textures such as snakeskin and crocodile. They’re not just for walking; they’re for doing everything that needs to be accomplished without any nonsense or setbacks.

Men’s Shoes Are Influencing Ladies’ Footwear

In Paris, where men are romantic and women are sophisticated, fashion week had quite a bit to say in terms of upending gender norms. Traditional men’s slip-on loafers were a source of inspiration for women’s shoes this season. Overcoming the world’s hurdles on a regular basis can get tiresome at times; your feet can use some love.

It’s no surprise to see more women adopting men’s fashion trends in the workplace. Wearing dark leather loafers with light fabric suits combines practicality with status in a subtle way. Empowerment means taking control, but not while stepping on someone else’s toes.

Some women are taking the initiative toward gender equality by wearing men’s shoes, and they also cost less. In addition to making a personal or fashion statement, it’s a great way to save money or tighten up a budget.