Still Great in Sex After 50

July 21st, 2019 by

Still Great in Sex After 50

As age increases, more changes in body function, including the function of the reproductive system. Increasing age is very influential on a woman’s sexual life. Many women who have entered the age of more than 45 years experience various low sexual desire. This is actually normal and normal. At the age of 40, a woman will experience menopause and sexual disorders arise. This sexual disorder makes you experience a decrease in sex drive as you get older. Then how to make you stay sexually active even though you are more than 40 years old?

Keep having sex regularly. Sexual intercourse is actually almost the same as physical activity. If you want to stay active and fit – in sexual activities – then all you need to do is ‘practice’ every day. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that women aged between 40 and 65 who continue to have sexual relations with their partners, have sexual health and are more sexually active than women who do not do it routinely. Having sex regularly with your partner will train the vagina to stay active and strong.

Wear lubricants or artificial lubricants. One of the reproductive system problems that occur in women who have entered old age is that the vagina no longer produces vaginal fluid that serves to prevent the vagina from becoming abrasions when having sexual intercourse. Decreasing the amount of vaginal fluid that plays a role in lubricating the vagina will make sexual intercourse painful so that sexual arousal also decreases. The thing you need to do is use a lubricant or lubricant specifically for the vagina. Make sure the lubricant or artificial lubricants you use are specifically vaginal lubricants.

Try new positions. Someone who has begun to enter old age is common to experience pain in some parts of the body, such as arthritis. Of course, this will make you uncomfortable when having sexual relations. However, that does not mean it is holding you back from doing it, right? Yes, you can find and try new positions in sexual relations. In fact, this will make your sexual relationship with your partner more enjoyable because you try something new. In addition, try to have sexual relations when the pain that arises is not too pronounced. There is no harm in also trying to have sexual relations at a different time from the habit.

Confidence is important. It is important to build confidence in sexual relations. Feeling beautiful and sexy is needed in shaping sexual desire. Do not be shy about talking about things that have sex with your partner. Express what you want from your partner. To increase the sexual desire you can also look sexy and beautiful in front of your partner. Try to re-wear old clothes or accessories that you can use to increase your sexual desire and partner. Or you can try several generic erection pills online that can add to your sexual desire even greater. With this, you can also satisfy your partner. However, it should be noted, the use of drugs too often can cause negative effects.