3 Shopify Apps To Get More Followers And Increase Sales On Instagram

August 8th, 2019 by

3 Shopify Apps To Get More Followers And Increase Sales On Instagram

Shopify makes getting followers on Instagram a whole lot easier for you. Shopify and Instagram integration can help your business flourish better than ever before. The reason is that you will be able to sell better and reach more customers through Instagram as well. What’s more, Shopify and Instagram integration won’t cost you a penny! Adding Instagram sales channel through integration gives you a competitive edge over other users who don’t have a Shopify account as you get more features that you can use to drive your sales.

There are various integration options that are available for you to choose from. You can choose the ones you want to utilize for your particular business. One thing to remember is that the manual set up is required. You can sell directly from the images in your post making it easier for customers to shop. In addition, you can create and implement campaigns easily. You can help increase sales through content that has been generated by the user. Another interesting option in the integration is that you can increase your followers by having ‘Follow’ buttons. These options make it easier for you to make the most of this integration.

Shopify Apps That Help Businesses Thrive On Instagram

The following apps are provided by Shopify to help retailers sell well on Instagram. As Instagram has a staggering number of users that are only increasing, there’s a lot of potential for a business to do well. This is why the following apps will help you soar and enable your business to reach a new target audience thereby driving your sales through the roof.

Instagram Shoppable Feed

This app can help in getting followers on Instagram. You can try it for seven days for free and then opt for a paid version for which you have to pay on a monthly basis. User engagement is extremely important in Instagram as it can help drive your sales. This app helps do that by creating an emotional connection with the customers. It enables you to tag items to the photos of your products in action so that your target audience can see what they look like. This enables them to want to buy the product. You don’t need to limit yourself to one product only as you can tag more than one item in a single post enabling customers to buy more. You can get live updates with this app and the easy-to-understand editor makes it handy for anyone.

Instagram Shoppable Feed helps you tag products.

Real-Time Customer Intelligence

This Shopify app enables you to analyze your followers as you can find out who are the influencers, bloggers, and journalists amongst your followers. This can help you find out who can write about your product and create amazing campaigns that help with promoting your brand. From the information provided by this app, you can even make them your brand ambassadors which can help drive traffic and more followers to your Instagram account. When an important individual starts to follow you, you can ensure that they have a fantastic experience so that they can help you grow your audience.

One of the most useful apps to find out about your customers.

Shopping On Instagram

This helps you in getting followers on Instagram as it makes the buying experience extremely satisfying for the Instagram user. This is absolutely free if you’re already selling on Shopify. The best part about this app is that you can easily tag all your products in your post directly. You can even tag the products in the stories. When a customer is interested in buying a particular product, they can easily buy it without leaving Instagram! You’re only required to add the sales channel so that you can easily tag on stories and posts. You need to have an Instagram Business account in order to use this app and you should also have a Facebook sales channel on Shopify with a Facebook Shop that has been approved.

Shopping On Instagram makes getting followers easier.

Integrating Shopify and Instagram is going to be one of the best decisions for your store as you will reap benefits you never thought of before. The Shopify apps discussed will ensure you are able to sell exceptionally well on Instagram. Since the number of phone users and people who like to buy online has increased drastically, it only makes sense that you put in the effort to sell as much as possible through Instagram. Thanks to Shopify, getting followers on Instagram is now much easier for any business owner.