4 Big Blunders to Avoid When Picking Sealy Beds

January 11th, 2021 by

4 Big Blunders to Avoid When Picking Sealy Beds

Do you know what not to do when buying a new mattress? Australia’s mattress manufacturing industry is estimated to be worth over AUD563 million, according to Statista. When picking a mattress, there are many issues to weigh, including the material, size, and comfort. However, choosing the best unit among options like Sealy beds is also about knowing which mistakes to avoid, including the following:

Not Avoiding Impulse Buying 

If you want to buy the best mattress, it can be easy to make low prices your main criteria. The average price of a Queen size mattress can be as high as AUD13,000, so it might seem practical to just look for 50% discounts. These are good deals, but the price tag shouldn’t be your only criteria for mattress selection.

The reason is you could end up with a mattress that’s too wide, soft, or flimsy. As a result, you might have to sell or trade the mattress, which would likely result in losing money. So while you should certainly consider the price of a new mattress, it should be one of several factors.

Not Researching a Manufacturer and Retailer

Before selecting a particular mattress maker and seller, it’s critical to do some research about both. For example, some companies have been manufacturing mattresses for over a century. In general, these are better options versus a startup company that launched this year, for example.

It’s also important to research a particular mattress retailer. Industry experience is also important in this case. So it’s generally a wise choice to select a company that’s been selling mattresses for over a decade rather than one that has been in the business for one year, for example.

You can also research whether a retailer has received mostly positive or negative reviews. This is quite easy to research since many Australian consumers today post product ratings and reviews based on their online shopping experience.

It’s a good idea to read multiple reviews for the general consensus.

Not Considering All Options

When shopping for a mattress, you might have an idea about the type of mattress you want to buy. This can be related to issues like material, dimensions, or price range.

There’s nothing wrong with taking this approach, although you might find a different online mattress that meets your needs even better.

Even if you’ve already picked a mattress manufacturer, you should still consider at least a couple of mattresses. Weigh their features, pros, and cons to determine which one is best suited for your sleeping needs.

In fact, one issue to consider is that an average mattress lasts up to a decade. So while a cheaper mattress might meet your needs now, you might have problems with issues like durability, support, and sinkage within a few years.

It’s better to conduct a needs analysis to determine what your specific mattress needs are. It will then be easier to narrow down your choices and create a shortlist of a few mattresses that best suit those needs.

Not Weighing Mattress Support over Comfort

These issues are both important. However, the problem is a comfy mattress might not be providing enough support. This could be in terms of your:

  • Sleeping position
  • Health conditions
  • Body weight

A comfortable mattress should be secondary to a supportive one.

When shopping for a mattress like Sealy beds, it’s important to avoid common mistakes so you can choose wisely. Some issues involve mattress support, manufacturers, and price. Avoiding such pitfalls can help you to choose wisely and sleep soundly.