How can Himalayan Salt Lamps Play Role to Purify the Environment?

July 4th, 2019 by

How can Himalayan Salt Lamps Play Role to Purify the Environment?

Do you know Himalayan salt lamps hold a wide array of environmental and health benefits? There is lots of confusion about these crystal salt lamps. These pink salt lamps become popular fast due to their aesthetic appeal and different healing properties. But there are various contradictions among the point of people and science. The use of these salt lamp baskets is increasing day-by-day. No matter, if you are at any classic restaurant eating your dinner or buying groceries at any store, or you are at any spa getting body treatments, we shall probably see these pink salts more often.

In science and many traditional histories, the natural salt lamps are commonly used as an air purifier that can eliminate harmful pollutants and dirt particles from the air. And yes, this is one of the essential functions of Himalayan salts. Due to their soft light, pink color, and home décor properties, Himalayan Salt Lamps are increasingly using at different places. Here, you are going to learn the potential benefits of having a rock salt lamp at your air and your environment and how these salt lamps can purify polluted air.

Potential Effects of Rock Salt Lamps on Our Environment

The baskets of pink rock salts are not only the popular home décor choice, but it also has different positive effects on our environment. From treating asthma patients to controlling depression and anxiety, these natural rock salt lamps can fight against air pollutants. Let’s have a look at the effects of Himalayan salts on the environment.

Treat allergies and asthma

A large number of positive ions in the air have adverse effects on the health of people that are fighting with respiratory allergies. A piece of Himalayan salt can provide relief to asthma patients by eliminating positive ions from the air. Pink salt lamps discharge negative ions in the environment that help to remove the different ailments causing contaminants in the air. These lamps purify airways for asthma patients and provide them with a relaxing aura.

Purify indoor air

Himalayan salt lamps have different hygroscopic properties, and this is the main reason that people think these rock salt lamps can purify air qualities. This pink salt can attract the extra moisture and water from the air and absorb it in it. The reason of absorbing water is that if any air pollutants such as dust particles, smoke, pollens, and other harmful elements are present in the air, then these pollutants will also trap in the rock salt with water molecules.

However, these rock salt lamps become saturated with water molecules at a rapid rate and stop absorbing any more water. Intense heat and lightning in the room help salt lamps to dry out water molecules. A heating process again enables the salt lamp to start absorbing water. But the science is not supporting this point that heat can increase the absorbing ability of salt lamps and yes there is no scientific evidence about it.

Improve mood swings

Mood swings are not always good. Are you suffering from mood swings? Himalayan Salt Lamps have the power to improve your bad mood swings. The soft lighting and heartwarming aura of this rock salt can increase the potential of your body and eliminate negative thoughts from your mind. You can place these salt rocks lamps in your offices, rooms, and libraries and say goodbye to bad mood swings.

Aesthetic qualities of salt lamps

Except for potential health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps, these natural rock gifts are an interesting thing that you can use in multiple ways for decorating your surroundings. The soft pink light of these lamps can meet any décor of your room. These lamps provide a calming atmosphere as compared to ordinary table lamps. The crystal of these salt lamps is using as a famous evening lightning source in different places. These lamps provide an easy transition way of changing daylight and bring peace of mind. The soft aura and light of this natural salt lamp help people to fight against headache.

Works as ionizers

These rock salt lamps are a combination of sodium and chloride molecules. Sodium has positive wile chlorine brings a negative charge on it, and it is the rule that opposite charges cancel each other. On this way, both these molecules, when combined, create a stable bond. When mixed with water, this rock salt can be divided into base and salt. Whenever you heat the water and salt together, the water molecules become vapor while the clear crystals of these salts left behind. Heating the rock salt to the max temp where it changes into clear, clean crystals and divided into its separate charge ions. This property of rock salt proves that yes Himalayan Salt lamps also work like an ionizer and absorb water molecules effectively.


From the above potential effects of salt lamps, we have decided that yes, natural salt lamps have multiple positive effects on our environment.