5 golden rules for new yoga teachers

January 8th, 2020 by

5 golden rules for new yoga teachers

If you are just getting started as a yoga teacher, you must be already feeling the thrill. With so many people waiting to learn from you, it’s natural for you to get a bit tense. But, we assure you that once the early fumbles fade, you’ll grow more confident. And if you stick to your profession for long without letting fear take over, you are surely going to succeed.

We know that at the beginning of any process, you might be worried about whether you can make it. At the same time, you might also feel a little uncomfortable and try to copy some of your favourite teachers. To clear all your doubts, we have listed the 5 golden rules that every beginner yoga teacher should pay attention to. Remember that it’s not only the traditional training offered by registered yoga schools that matters. Your drive and ability to adapt to changing classroom scenarios by inspiring your students is what matters when it comes to leading the life of a successful yoga instructor. So, let’s get started with the best tips.

Be yourself

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One of the bitter mistakes that beginners do is try to copy their favourite yoga teacher. However, it’s not entirely their mistake. We all are inspired by someone in our lives, and it’s natural to try to replicate anything that our idols do. Consequently, we feel that it is the right thing. But in yoga, being comfortable with yourself is one of the most valuable principles. You must find your voice before teaching others. Unless you know yourself better, it would be hard to help others learn yoga from their perspective. Therefore, stay focused and be comfortable in your skin. Don’t copy anyone. Not even Lord Buddha.

Follow the arc of energy 

We have seen over the years that some yoga trainers start teaching right at the moment when students arrive at the class. This is not right. You should give your students enough space to help them feel the energy and vibes around them. Once they start the curriculum with breathing concentration practice, they slowly become one with the energy, and as a result, their yoga practice generates positive results over time. Remember, at the end of each asana, let your students cool down and assimilate their experiences. If you want to open an independent yoga centre and gain a yoga alliance USA certificate, you must live up to their standards.

How should you use music?

Music is the true spirit of free life. It helps our minds remain energetic. Now, you have all heard about music therapy. But not everyone knows how to use it. Once you create the best possible music playlist for your classroom, you’ll soon start seeing impressive meditative results among your students. But you must prepare the playlist not according to premeditated mood but depending on how the curriculum flows. At the beginning of each class, you may want to play a walk-in playlist that will help your students settle down. Then, a soothing natural sound can help the mind and body become one with yoga. Later, you can slowly use some soft classical tunes to end the curriculum.

Start with the Yoga Sutra

Chances are high that most of your students haven’t heard of the Yoga Sutra. Some of them might have researched about it, but they don’t know the underlying philosophies behind the Yoga Sutra. As a yoga practitioner, it is an instinct for them to want to learn the various philosophies of yoga that they can use in their daily lives. Therefore, as a trainer, try to interpret the hidden philosophies of yoga and life with your students and inspire them in every possible way. After all, yoga is not only about practising postures or asanas. It also has a strong connection with the philosophical ideas that bind it together. Any yoga alliance schools ensure teaching philosophies to yoga students.

Theme based classes add to the fun

Themes can either make or break the mood of a classroom. You can take advantage of themes to plan your class curriculum. You would already know that our lives are based on various elements like fire, water, ether, and earth. Now, you can pick any of these concepts and choose them as the themes for respective classes. For example, you might want to pick a theme based on the phase of the moon, or any mythological metaphor or a famous quote. Anything and everything can be a theme till the time you are utilizing it to inspire your folks.

Now, let’s have a short talk on how you can prosper as a beginner yoga instructor. Remember, you can register as an RYS 200 certified yoga trainer if you have already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program successfully. Your institution should be registered with the Yoga Alliance India. Rishikesh Yogpeeth is one of the expert institutes where you may get enrolled and earn your RYS certification later once you qualify.